Lookbehind assertion broken

  • Byzod

    Byzod - 2013-06-13

    The zero width assertion tooltip is AWESOME, but it seems (may) also caused some bug
    The broken lookbehind assertion is what I currently noticed.

    Lookbehind broken

    Negative lookbehind broken too
    Lookbehind broken

    Lookahead assertion seems works fine, at least I didn't found any bug

    Last edit: Byzod 2013-06-13
  • François-R Boyer

    This is a known problem which I already corrected, but is not yet integrated in the production version. If you need overlapping lookbehind, null characters, and some other features, you can download the SciLexer.dll from https://sourceforge.net/projects/npppythonplugsq/files/Beta%20N%2B%2B%20regex%20code/ to replace the one from N++ 6.3.3.

    • Byzod

      Byzod - 2013-06-15

      Thanks for your hotfix!

    • Byzod

      Byzod - 2013-06-20

      Hi, François-R Boyer
      Seems there is a problem with your scilexer.dll under Windows

      1. Create a empty file, change extension to .html, something like test.html
      2. Right click, open with Npp, or use cmd, type {full_path_of_npp}\Notepad++.exe test.html
      3. Crash.

      crash dialogue

      Dump file, hope it helps

      Last edit: Byzod 2013-06-20
  • François-R Boyer


    I found the cause of the crash, loading an empty HTML calls a search from position 0 to position -1; I have not checked why N++ does that, but I now clamp positions in my search code and thus invalid positions should not crash anymore. I updated the dll, you can download the new version at the same address.


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