CPU consumption

  • igor

    igor - 2008-08-28

    run on windows xp sp2
    after being active for about 10 hours or more -- starts eating cpu slowly.
    from 2% low upto 40%.

    • BVan

      BVan - 2008-09-29

      I have experienced the same issue, I am also running xp sp2.

      CPU also tends to jump up to 100% when using the clone to another view feature.  Once the window is minimized to the taskbar, CPU usage immediately drops to normal.  Bringing the window back into focus immediately causes CPU usage to jump back to 100%.

      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2008-09-29

        The clone view causes high cpu consummation is due to th xml matched highlighting or smart highlighting.

        This bug will be fixed in v5.1 OR.


        • BVan

          BVan - 2008-09-30

          Thanks for the quick response Harry and Don.    I was very happy to see the highlighting feature go in, and it works great otherwise!  I can confirm it is causing the high CPU usage when you have a file cloned. 

    • Harry

      Harry - 2008-09-29

      The increase in CPU during long runtimes is pretty hard to debug (considering you need to wait 10 hrs and then jsuth ave the luck to find the cause). It can be a faulty plugin.

      However, the clone-mode issue might be triggered by a feedback loop. Try disabling the smart hilighter or html/xml tag highligher and see if it stops (it should). If so, could you tell which one (or both) it was?


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