[Feature Request] Column numbering

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I would like to have a sort of ruler with column numbers. I noticed that many others requested that before and think it is very useful.

    The reason for my request is that many programs use asccii based input-files that have a certain fixed-column setup (e.g. NX Nastran uses commands followed a number of values, where each value should be placed in a seperate column. A coumn is 8 characters width). When editing these input- files it would be very nice to see in which column you are.

    Additionally it would be nice when it would be possible to color the background of sets of columns. For example the first set of eight columns in white, second set of eight columns in light grey, third set in white again, and so on. This would editing the above mentioned type of files easier.


    • Dizz-e

      Dizz-e - 2006-11-06

      It is now a month ago when I started this thread and posted the request in 'the request tracker'. I was wondering how I can get to know if it will be implemented. There are many requests that are not assigned to anybody, so what else can I do to emphasize the usefulness of the proposed feature? It'd be nice if the developers could give the posters any idea about the chance that their request will be implemented.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Ok, I am not the developer of Notepad++, but I guess that there is currently no plan to implement a column numbering, because Don doesn't make any response about that.

      Best Regards

    • pshute

      pshute - 2006-11-07

      Another suggestion is to create a file with column numbering, and always open it when you're editing a file that needs column numbering. View/Go to another view will show the two files on screen at once.  You can put them side by side or one above the other, synchronise the scrolling (does this work for different files?) and adjust how much space each one gets.

      You could use this to create your own "ruler".

    • pshute

      pshute - 2006-09-27

      If you go to Settings/Preference/Global and turn on "Show Status Bar" then you'll be able to see the column number of the cursor position, as well as the number of chars in the file, the line number and the number of chars selected.

      If you want guide lines to help you line up your columns, Settings/Preference/Edit Components allows you to set the position of a single vertical line, although you may want more than one.

      Another trick is to start a search (control+F) and turn on transparency. That would let you use the edge of the Find dialog as a moveable guide.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I did not notice the col number identification in the status bar. Thanks for the tip.

      The single vertical line is a little bit helpful. But for actaul fixed-type files more lines are wanted.
      Maybe this "vertical edge setting" could be a starting point for implementation of my request. It would be very handy if there would be a third option in the "Settings/Preference/Edit Components" tab. Currently you can select "line mode" and "background mode". Is it possible to add the option "repeating line mode"? I imagine that in this new mode the line would appear repeatingly and the number of columns between each line is indicated in the "column number" entry on the same tab.


    • Thomas Raddatz

      Thomas Raddatz - 2006-09-29


      I am new to Notepad++ and I want to mention that I love it. At the office we use a well known competitor's product. It is also a good product but on my opinion a single user license is to expensive for a home license. Hence I was really happy when I found Notepad++. But that is not why I joined this thread.

      Regarding to "Column numbering" I would also love to get a ruler as required by "nobody" and similar to UltraEdit's ruler.

      I often use it to determine the length of a given string.



      • pshute

        pshute - 2006-09-29

        As I mentioned, if you turn on the status bar, one of the things it displays is the number of chars currently selected.  Wouldn't just selecting the string and reading the number be better than reading column numbers and subtracting?

        • Thomas Raddatz

          Thomas Raddatz - 2006-10-07

          I probably did not read your posting carefully enough and hence did not know that Notepad++ shows the number of charcaters selected. I will try that to see how it works.

    • Dizz-e

      Dizz-e - 2006-09-29

      So I finally registered at SF, now I'm no longer "nobody"...

      pshute, what is your reaction to my idea to extend the [display vertical line] feature? I guess that this option does not require an extreme amount of programming, so please consider...

    • pshute

      pshute - 2006-09-30

      That's great - too many nobodies here.

      Not sure if I'd use it myself, but it does sound like it could be very useful to those who do what you're doing, and there must be a few.  It might be useful to programmers too, to align their indentations.

      I like the idea. Surely it would be only a few lines of code - but who knows with these things?

      I've no idea how to convey ideas like this to the authors - I guess they read this forum, so you can only hope.

    • Dizz-e

      Dizz-e - 2006-09-30