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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi together,

    one small feature would be great in Notepad++, perhaps you can implement it in Release 3.9:

    For example you have this Test:

    This is just a Test
    123 realy its only Test
    We want to test a little bit today

    I select in this text in coulmn select mode this "area":

    This i||s just a Test
    123 re||aly its only Test
    We wan||t to test a little bit today

    Now, when i type a Text, in the current implemenation the chars only appear in the first row, it would be much better when the char would appear in all "selected" rows. For example when i type " aaa " the result should be:

    This i aaa s just a Test
    123 re aaa aly its only Test
    We wan aaa t to test a little bit today

    Do you think that is possible?

    It would be realy great!

    Thanks and Best regards

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      What it does now, with what you describe is the cursor-line replaces a highight character and the
      other lines all delete characters. - which is
      common windows type-on-highlight behaviour.

      To do what you ask, would need the replace flipped to insert (in front of Highlight?), and the single insert, expanded to clone on all-highlighted lines.

      What if someone wants to append many columns ?

      I see the cursor can be at start or end of Highlight column, so the cusror X position could effectively be used to decide to prefix, or append ?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      More on this:
      I see someone else has asked for similar Column.Multiline.replace ( not insert ),
      and what if someone wants to use paste command, for the replace/insert string ?

      Seems this would need an insert/replace option, and
      some way to allow paste as well....

      sounds like it needs a menu option ?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I would like to second this feature request.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      iam not sure if I unterstand exactly what you mean.

      I meant I put the a rectangular selection, and now i type any keys.

      Now I "apply" this key on each line i have selected. Its a "virtual" cursor in each line.

      If a press the "a" button, in each line a "a" gets added to the position (if i have marked more text, the selected text gets overwritten)

      If a press "delete" the selected area gets deleted

      If a paste anything, the text in the clipboard gets pasted in every line i have selected.

      I hope you understand what i mean.

      Best regards

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The feature request reflects to the behaviour of a selected column when a key is pressed. Example:

      assume a text like this

      The car is green
      The ship is blue
      The plane is red

      Now select "The" in column mode. What happens, if you press a key? Delete will remove the column. Press a letter like "A" results in

      A car is green
      ship is blue
      plane is red

      This should be:

      A car is green
      A ship is blue
      A plane is red

      It would be great, if the feature would allow typing of words e.g. typing "This" would result in

      This car is green
      This ship is blue
      This plane is red

      Why is this helpful? Assume you have to delete a large number of files and you have listing of teh file names. How do you write "delete " in front of each filename?

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        "Assume you have to delete a large number of files and you have listing of teh file names. How do you write "delete " in front of each filename?"

        By using regular expressions in find/replace:
        Find what: ^(.)
        Replace with: delete \1
        Do not forget to mark the "Regular Expression" check-box!
        Easy, isn't it?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I would like to third this feature request. This seems to be the only feature missing.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      it would be nice if you could do it that way.
      The functionality is already present through a plugin though.
      TextFX -> Fill Down Insert

      The way to work there is: on the first line type your string. Then using column mode select the area. Then use plugin. And don't select the overwrite one. ;)


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Hi KOB,

        great tip

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes, I agree, while the textFX plugin works, it feels a bit clumsy.  It would be nice to simply do multi-column typing, even when rows are not together.


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