Regular Expression Feature Request

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    I noticed that a couple of useful regex symbols aren't supported, the two I tried were | and ?. | is alternation. The specific example I tried was (<code>|</code>), pretty simple. When that didn't work I decided to try another method, </?code>, but found that wasn't supported either.

    If you could support those two methods that would be great.


    P.S. I ended up having to do </*code> which is a bit sloppy but worked fine since it wasn't that important of a document.

    • Zakk

      Zakk - 2007-03-31


      Agree with the previous post.

      I saw the code of N++ where all regex stuff is delegated to some poor, completely non-standard, badly documented scintillas' function. Why?!

      I would find quite reasonable to support standard Perl compatible regular expressions in N++ (please see\). As far as I know there exists a stable FREE implementation in C/C++.

      P.S.: honestly, RegEx is the only thing which prevents me from using N++. All the rest is quite nice really ;)

      Good luck,

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I used to use Scintilla a lot, but it takes for ever to load. I was looking for another lightweight text editor several weeks ago, and I found N++.

        I love it... almost.  It loads quickly, and the UI is 100% better than Scintilla's. Unforunately, regex support is *very* basic. If you guys aren't using regex in your search/replace (when you work), you're missing out.

        On a side note, There is a typo in the second example ("You have a document with a lot of dates, which are in German date format...") given on the N++ regex page, here:

        [Using the text:]
        31.12.97 became 97-12-31 and 14.08.05 became 05-08-14 and the IP address did not change, you're done :-)

        [Then find/replace with:]
        Find what : ([^0-9])([0123][0-9])\.([01][0-9])\.([0-9][0-9])([^0-9])
        Replace with : \1\4-\3-\2\5

        [Gives you the following result:]
        97-12-31 became 97-12-31 and 05-08-14 became 05-08-14 and the IP address 14-13-14.14 did not change, you're done :-)

        In other words... the IP address,, DOES change.

        - David J

    • Zakk

      Zakk - 2007-03-31