Notepad++ doesn't show size in bytes any more when you select text

  • I used to select a character in Notepad++ and it would say how many bytes it was (I work with CJK characters, and sometimes I need to know if it's 3 bytes or 4). It would show the bytes in this bar below: but it's been a while now since this was removed. Is there a way I can enable this in the options somewhere?

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  • This is not available as an option I'm afraid. You can see it in View->Summary.

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  • Thanks, that's good enough I guess, I just wish it was put back in that bar where it was before.

  • Loreia2

    Hi Toshiro,

    I implemented character counter because users were complaining that they needed reliable way to count characters above position 127. No one ever mentioned that byte size would be useful, so it was omitted completely. You can open feature request on bug tracker, so someone might pick it up and implement it.



    Hello Loreia2,

    As you see, Asiatic users might be interested about bytes count, instead of characters count. May be an option, in Preferences dialog, would allow the user to choose the type of selection counting, to be displayed in the status bar.

    Of course, this solution would need supplementary coding :( And, I know that, as you said in a previous post, you're involved in development of UDL3.0, till next spring, in 2014......! So, it's just a rapid suggestion.



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    • "Asiatic users might be interested about bytes count, instead of characters count"

      No, no, not "instead," but I wish there was byte size next to character count in the status bar. This wouldn't require any additional coding...

  • Loreia2

    Actually, we did consider keeping both values in status bar, but there is simply not enough room for it. If user selects millions of chars/lines, numbers won't fit. Both me and Don were in favor of keeping just one value for char count. Besides no-one ever mentioned byte count would be useful.

    I guess configuration option should allow use to specify display string. with three option available:
    %c for char count
    %b for byte count
    %l for line count

    Sounds like a perfect task for someone looking for an easy start with Notepad++ code base.
    I was thinking to open a thread where I would list such small for people to pick up. This could be a good start.


    • "but there is simply not enough room for it."

      Hmm, there'd be enough space if the "Normal text file" section would be smaller, giving more space to the other details:
      Why is it so big?


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