Suggestion: Proxy setup for update

Andy Clark
  • Andy Clark

    Andy Clark - 2008-11-12

    We're behind a proxy for Internet access, one is password controlled, the other just host and port.

    Please, please, please add some proxy configuration into the update process so I can just hit "Update now" in the help menu.

    • marcosn

      marcosn - 2008-12-05


      I set the environment variable with and works fine.

    • McLoo

      McLoo - 2008-11-25

      i'd like to see that to, but the updater is an own project on as far as i know

    • Ingo Baab

      Ingo Baab - 2008-11-25

      It is already working. Just set the environment variables HTTP_PROXY (and maybe FTP_PROXY) the used curl-library will use it already..
      Syntax is your "[yourproxy]:[port]" e.g.:

      Best Regards,

    • Ingo Baab

      Ingo Baab - 2008-11-25

      ...but btw. - has anyone a solution for the ftp_synchronize Plugin with Proxy?
      =) -Ingo

    • marcosn

      marcosn - 2008-12-02


      I'm trying to update behind a proxy and i'm receiving the  following message:

      'It's not a valid GUP xml.'

      My proxy requires login & password but I don't know how configure it.

      Any suggestion?


  • Dave B

    Dave B - 2011-09-26

    Yes, but how do you specify the username and password for the proxy in this