• Nobody/Anonymous

    I want to know why isn't there version for linux?

    • tom hirashima

      tom hirashima - 2007-05-01

      Probably because there is SciTE for linux.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      There is no Linux Version, like the diskussion here
      likes also an OS version.

      But wine version 0.9.33, starts np++ without problems so far.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        No problems to start it... Lots of problems when using it. Always crashes or simply closes itself with no warning.

        • Ross McKay

          Ross McKay - 2007-12-01

          G'day all,

          For those looking for a good editor under Linux, you might want to consider running one (or more!) of these little buggers:

          * Geany (0.12 or higher)
          * KDevelop
          * Bluefish
          * SCiTE

          On Windows, Notepad++ rocks and its plugins really make it come alive (particularly TextFX). On Unix, many editors can be coerced into doing what TextFX can do by piping output through custom scripts - select text and send "through" a command.

          The main thing I miss about Notepad++ in Linux editors is the ability to record / playback keystrokes. More encouragement to write little custom scripts.

          Oh, and Notepad++ might be a little wobbly under Wine, but it runs just fine under QEMU :-)