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  • stepher

    stepher - 2013-07-03

    I love Notepad++. Thanks to all who invested the time to make this a great piece of s/w!!!

    I am using V6.4.1 and am trying to get FunctionList to work w/my assembly source programs for 8051...I'd been using earlier versions of NPP w/the FunctionList plugin and have never had any problems (The plugin also had a window where you only needed to enter the search/match expressions).

    I am not well-versed with Scintilla so I'm not sure if I've got the right approach (The FunctionList window remains empty :(

    Here's what I want in the FunctionList window:


    where label LABELXXX: is the label for a jump, call, etc. Classical assembly language programming.

    Here's what I coded in the functionList.xml file (I've also tried other variations, to no avail :(

            <parser id="asm_funct" displayName="Assembly" commentExpr=";">
                        <nameExpr expr="[A-Za-z0-9_]+:"/>
                        <nameExpr expr="[A-Za-z0-9_]+:"/>

    I also included the following in the associationmap section:

            <association langID = "32" id="asm_funct"/>

    where "32" is the id for L_ASM in the associationmap above this command.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm expecting this is something more straightforward than I seem to be able to see at the moment.

    Thanks in advance...Cheers...Steph

    • stepher

      stepher - 2013-07-04


      Please remove this posting/topic (Plesae don't remove the other, more recent one with the same topic). Somehow it got posted twice....unintended.



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