Feature Req: Auto-save sessions

  • bcgit

    bcgit - 2013-04-02

    I frequently lose my NP++ session because of app/windows/computer crash.

    Is it possible to create a checkbox option under SETTINGS - PREFERENCES - MISC that says "Autosave session with every file save" ?

    Or is there already a way to do this? (I know about the manual Save Session command under FILE menu -- too much work and I always forget. Is there a macro to do it?)

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  • cchris

    cchris - 2013-04-13

    Associate a shortcut to Save session. Now you can create a macto that saves file and then saves macro - for safety, unbins Save As if ou wish to reuse the same shortcut.


  • bcgit

    bcgit - 2014-04-01

    Still struggling with this. Every time NP++ crashes, a different session (or no session at all) is re-loaded.

    I love the fact that NP++ remembers my workspace (what I am calling the "session") every time I close NP++ gracefully.

    But it would be fantastic to have a setting as mentioned above that saves my current workspace every ___ minutes, for those times when NPP/Windows/Computer crashes.

    The key here is to save the "current workspace" session - the one that is automatically reloaded every time I start NPP DUE TO THE SETTING:

    PREFERENCES -> MISC -> Remember current session for next launch

    That is the session I wish to auto-save.

    Unless I am missing something, I don't believe CChris' suggestion (above) could update this session. Or, perhaps I just need to know the name of that special session to be able to automate saving it...? (A config checkbox would be a good idea anyway - Swami predict oodles of positive karma and Thankyews flying your way from all over the globe...)

    Any chance of making this a feature request?

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    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2014-04-03

      I'm working on auto-backup system which will be included in the next release.
      The session file is part of files to backup which will have the behaviour you expect.

      However, the crash should not be tolerated, may I know how to reproduce the crash (in the latest version 6.5.5)?


      • Christophe Meriaux

        Hello Don,
        what about the file shortcuts.xml ? Will it be also included on the auto-backup ?
        I have recently found a limitation :

        1. I use notepad++ in which the shortcut.xml contains plugin shortcut configuration.
        2. I close Notepad++.
        3. A tool of my company start Notepad++ with "no plugin" option.
        4. When i have finish to use notepad++ I close it.
        5. Notepad++ write the shortcut.xml file.
        6. As the "no plugin" option was used, Notepad++ don't write out the PluginCommands.

        So shortcut.xml lost all the plugin shortcut mapper confiugration if we start Notepad++ with "no plugin" option.

        Do you have an idea how to deal with this problem ?



    THEVENOT Guy - 2014-04-06

    Hello Christophe, Don and All,

    Christophe, You're perfectly right ! If you rename, for example, the sub-directory plugins in lugins, and open Notepad++, then, on exit, Notepad++ re-write the shorcuts.xml file, with an EMPTY PluginsCommand section !!

    Therefore, after renaming back the Plugins directory to its original name, ALL the possible user shortcuts stored, relative to plugins, are definitively LOST :-(

    As for me, I always backup the Shortcuts.xml file of my N++ configuration ! One never knows.

    So, Don can you do anything about this annoying problem ?

    Thank you, by advance :-)



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