Notepad++ 6.2 Release Candidate

Don HO
  • Don HO

    Don HO - 2012-09-30

    Thanks to Loreia, User Defined Language version 2 (UDL2) is available in Notepad++ 6.2.
    Here you can find Notepad++ 6.2 Release Candidate:

    The key features in UDL2 are:
    1. More groups are added: 3 folder groups, 8 keyword groups and 8 delimiter sets.
    2. Multipart keywords (for exemple: "else if" can be defined as single keyword) is supported.
    3. Whitespace is no longer mandatory as keyword separator: Operators and folding keywords can be recognized with or without whitespace separators.
    4. Operators and delimiters can be longer that one character now.
    5. Numbers recognition support is greatly improved(prefix, suffix, range and extra symbols supported).
    6. The same characters can be used as comments AND operators.
    7. Comments and delimiters support nesting (even within each other).

    There are a lot more new feature in UDL2, you can have the tutorial (done by Loreia) here:

    The official release will come out in one week, if there's no critical bug found.

    • abudabe

      abudabe - 2013-01-04

      I am trying to use the Multipart Keywords feature but cannot seem to get it to work properly. I am putting quotes around the phrase, such as "AAA BBB". The ignore case is checked. The phrase is being highlighted together, but when I toggle the ignore case box off and on, AAA and BBB, which are also independently on separate lines, are getting highlighted.

      Also, lower case "aaa bbb" is not being recognised when the keyword phrase is defined in caps "AAA BBB".

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Last edit: abudabe 2013-01-04
  • Anonymous - 2012-10-01

    Great! I'm looking forward to test the UDL2 features.

  • Jan Schreiber

    Jan Schreiber - 2012-10-01

    Thanks a lot, great work!
    There seems to be a minor regression, however: In the View menu, localized strings are not correctly applied for submenus.

    Basically, this looks like the problem discussed here, but it is puzzling because the program reads the new localization format. It is just the Project and Collapse Level submenus that don't show correctly.

  • Acheron

    Acheron - 2012-10-01

    I notice the html api has been updated but it has a few typos: <KeyWord name="datails" /> should be <KeyWord name="details" /> and <KeyWord name="prpgress" /> should be <KeyWord name="progress" /> There may be more errors, but I found them comparing the diff.

    Can you fix this for next version?

  • Don HO

    Don HO - 2012-10-01

    @Jan Schreiber
    Indeed, it's a regression. I will fix it and provide fixed 6.2 RC tonight.


  • Don HO

    Don HO - 2012-10-01

    "prpgress" has been fixed.
    "datails" will be fixed.
    Feel free to let me know the other errors if you find any.


  • Acheron

    Acheron - 2012-10-01

    I scanned through the file and found the following errors:

    <KeyWord name="onmpusewheel" /> should be <KeyWord name="onmousewheel" />

    <KeyWord name="caption" />" /> should be <KeyWord name="caption" />

    Can you publish your changes more often to the online repository? It is then possible to report problems in source code before release.

  • Anonymous - 2012-10-01

    I don't know whether this has been discussed elsewhere, or whether this is an old issue, but in Settings / Style Configurator… it is not always possible to change the Bold, Italic or Underline settings for built-in languages. For example if I try to set the comment styles for MATLAB and FORTRAN to italic, I can't tick the box.

  • Jan Schreiber

    Jan Schreiber - 2012-10-02

    @ Don:
    Excellent, thank you!

  • joergenr

    joergenr - 2012-10-02


    I have a few questions regarding the Localization of the new Styler Dialog.
    How does this dialog start and end? (Tags please). And where in the language file should the strings be located?


  • Loreia2

    Loreia2 - 2012-10-03

    Hi joergenr,

    Styler dialog strings were not added to localization file as of yet. It will be done by the time v6.2. is released.


  • Don HO

    Don HO - 2012-10-03

    @Loreia & joergenr
    I'm working on Localization of the new Styler Dialog.
    It'll be available in v6.2 release.


  • Loreia2

    Loreia2 - 2013-01-04

    Hi abudabe,

    try to use single quotes for this purpose.
    'AAA BBB' <-- highlighted only on the same line
    "AAA BBB" <-- highlighted even if separted by new line characters


    • abudabe

      abudabe - 2013-01-04

      Hello Loreia,

      Thank you very much, this will be a big help.

      Using the single quotes ('AAA BBB' and ignore case on), the following occurs:
      AAA BBB <-- highlighted
      aaa bbb <-- not highlighted
      aaa BBB <-- highlighted
      AAA bbb <-- not highlighted
      Not sure if it is intended to work in this manner.



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