Find in Files must not mix with Replace

  • Antartica


    NPP v5.5 (and before): "Find in Files" and "Replace in Files" share the SAME input form. Of course, the user is smart enough to know that if he/she wants to Find, then the Replace input textbox must be skipped and the "Find" button must be clicked. In case the user still hit the "Replace in Files" button, there is a safeguard confirmation.

    This might be OK but I think it is not "natural" enough. I might be paranoid, but I find quite uncomfortable that in a Find operation, the "Replace with" text input is active and when hitting Find, what does NP++ do with the empty "replace with"?

    I wish the "Find in Files" and "Replace in Files" are completely separate. Grant this will require to create a couple of more forms but I think this will give NP++ a more consistent and more professional feel.

    Or keeping the same common input form as currently but disable the "Replace with" input textbox and disable the "Replace in File" button.

    Hope that make sense. Thanks in advance.

  • Fool4UAnyway

    This is a legitimate request. The normal Find and Replace features of the standard Find/Replace dialog are also separated.

    It might be easiest and most transparent to have _only_ two tabs in the dialog, with an _additional_ radio group box allowing to _select the source_ to operate on, with as choices:

    - Current document
    - All documents
    - Files

    Of course, when Files is selected, the Directory combobox would be enabled etc. etc.

    I'm not sure if already the Find (All) feature in a single document will show a same results list as the current Find in All Documents or Find in Files feature. It would be just another nice addition. The same could be said for the Mark All feature being applied on All documents. Mark all would be disabled for Find in Files, of course.


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