functionlist lost functions

MrBig Ouzo
  • MrBig Ouzo

    MrBig Ouzo - 2014-01-21

    in my project source c files, the functionlist dont show all functions in a modul. I use precompiler switches like "#if TEST" and then functionnames are lost names inside this switches

  • MrBig Ouzo

    MrBig Ouzo - 2014-10-17

    the function list lost functions

  • Anonymous - 2014-10-23

    I'm giving up on the relatively new Function List. It just doesn't work.

    Sometimes it shows me the functions in my PHP files, and sometimes not. These are all pure PHP files, not HTML with PHP tags in them. They have classes and function, and more often than not, I just get a blank box.

    Sometimes the functions will start showing if I change the position of a curly bracket slightly, or if I temporarily delete a function. But there's no syntax error in the files.

    I've tried to write my own PHP parser, but though I'm reasonably good with regex and though I've used the regex testing website, nothing I try works. I don't think it's bad regex code. I think the feature is just not ready for release.

  • nicyk

    nicyk - 2014-12-17

    The functionList is too complex to one like me i am not a programmer. So I dont use it to list my own file format.

    I use the plugin named :SourceCookifier. It is easy to use for me.
    you can try it.


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