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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Great stuff!

    Here's a bug though:

    When selecting a block of text and pressing CTRL-H for find-and-replace, I got a buffer-overflow exception which (violently) kicked me out of the application. (needless to say, all changes were lost. I wish there was a backup mechnism to cover for by bad forgot-to-save repeating phenomenon).

    I should add that it didn't happen on the first try. I had v2.5, and I did this procedure once or twice in that fatal session. On the next time I commited that select-find-and-replace operation I received that square-messagebox-of-death. Starting again the application to repeat the procedure did not bring me a salvation; moreover, it didn't take more than the first try to be violently attacked once more by my cruel Notepad++-driven, analytical-engine-derived, electronic machine.

    I then upgraded to the new, shiny, sparkling not-shrink-wrapped version 2.6 of Notepad++ with hopes for a better world (well, a better office to start with), just to wipe a tear off my cheek: the buzzzzing bug is still alive.

    Thank you for a great product. Can't wait for the bug-exterminator to come!

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2004-12-14

      Due to the adding feature "Find in the selection", this behaviour (to copy the all the selected block into the "find what" field) is gonna change in the next release.

      if selected text doesn't contains the symbol carriage return ("\n") and the number of character doesn't exceed 63, it will be copied into the "find what" field by launching find dialog. Otherwise no.