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  • Nobody/Anonymous


    First of all, I would like to say that Notepad++ is great.
    Thanks for it.

    I would like to notify a strange comportment in the column mode using ALT + left mouse.

    For example, if you have such a text :

    1. aaaaaaaaa
    2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    5. aaaaaaa

    And you want to select only all the five lines content starting in column 4, you can't do that !

    Beacause you select that :

    1. |aaaaaaa|aa
    2. |aaaaaaa|aaaaaaaaaaa
    3. |aaaaaaa|aaaaaaaaa
    4. |aaaaaaa|aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    5. |aaaaaaa|

    Due to the small size of the last line regards of the others !!!

    All want to be abble select all the content's line like that :

    1. |aaaaaaaaa            |
    2. |aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa   |
    3. |aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa     |
    4. |aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa|
    5. |aaaaaaa              |

    Why this feature ?
    Is it possible to get the feature I talk about, seen in other editors like CrimsonEditor, UltraEdit, ... ?



    • jmg_

      jmg_ - 2006-04-02

      I checked SciTE, and it has the same quirks.
      [Tho I did note SciTE exports PDF :) ]

      I also checked Syn
      and this uses a different EDIT component, that seems
      to solve many of the issues :

      ** Rectangle define is past EOL
      ** Cursor can go past EOL
      ** It AutoReloads files, WITH SAME Cursor XY
      ** Nice find in files

      Syn seemed to stall 18 month ago, but just last
      month, seems to have new life, and if they merge
      the two develop branches OK, it could be a nice

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I used a proportianl font!!!
      (it's not possible to change it in this forum !)

      If you want to see what I mean in my examples, look at the source code of this page.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I totally agree with Dominique. Don, can you consider this issue plz? :)

      Thanks a lot.

    • Chris Severance

      Chris Severance - 2006-03-21

      This is an issue with Scintilla. I don't see any way for N++ to work around it.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Just put some spaces on the last line or a few tabs to increase the length of the line.  Lol, crude fix but it works.  Nah I agree tho, that's kinda strange.  Good point.

    • jmg_

      jmg_ - 2006-04-02

      It still needs fixing.

      Scintilla has a closely related blindspot, that disallows white-page editing, or cursor-past-end-of-line.

      That too is a pain, and if they fix one, perhaps they can fix them both.
      I was told (IIRC) it is an artifact of Scintilla's support for proportional fonts - but I'd happily trade off proportional fonts (which I never use) for better Text-editor operation.
      If I want fancy fonts, I'll use OpenOffice...:)


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