Default comment font not Comic Sans.

  • Alex

    Alex - 2007-07-26

    It would be good if all the fonts were monospaced, not Comic Sans for comments. Changing it is a pain, as I have to do it 5 times per language.

    The problem with using different fonts/sizes is the Vertical Edge (margin) is incorrect for comments, and makes things look annoying and inconsistent.

    • Alex

      Alex - 2007-07-27

      Thanks for the tips guys. Probably the quickest way would be to do a replace on the XML file. I did it manually this time around.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      This font should be banned from existence!

      • MJG

        MJG - 2007-08-07

        I disagree.  I think we should keep a few samples of it around for scientific studies.  :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      You can set that in the style configurator (Language -> Style Configurator). You can select any font that is available on the system.

    • Patrick K

      Patrick K - 2007-07-26

      I agree with is kind of annoying, but you can always open styler.xml just replace "Comic Sans MS" with "", and as always I'd make a backup.

      What version are you using? Since I can't find it in 4.1.2 and the User Defined versions you could make arent' as good as the official ones.

    • steakhacher

      steakhacher - 2007-07-26

      For the problem of vertical limit you can replace the vertical limit by a text background color if text is outside the caracter limit