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Check PHP code available?

  • Michel

    Michel - 2006-07-24


    I love the speed of Notepad++.

    Is there something like a check of code available? I currently use jEdit a lot, which will check PHP at save and indicate possible problems. Is there a similar function/plugin for Notepad++ ?

    • Michel

      Michel - 2006-08-02

      Thanks for the answer; although I am not much into EditPlus. I am merely looking to replace the fantastic but very slow jEdit. Notepad++ seems a very good candidate, much more than the other editors... but code checking is essential to me.

    • betbest1

      betbest1 - 2006-07-29

      I don't think so, but another PHP-related function that is in another editor (EditPlus) but not Notepad++ is keyword highlighting for *all* PHP functions (a correctly-typed builtin function is blue; an unknown fuction is black).