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    This program really comes off as being junked together because you can't even right click to load files into Notepad++...
    I even tried the .reg and it works sometimes, but most of the time gives corrupted characters. The only way I can get my files in is by dragging and dropping them
    Sorry I'm uninstalling this program if it can't even open a file.
    Maybe I'll try notepad++ in a while if they ever figure out how to make it something a little better than broken and unprofessional app

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Unfortunately, I do have to agree with the author of the thread. Because of security reasons now I use FAR Manager both at work and at home, and when I started using FAR, I also stopped using Npp, as I just couldn't figure out a way to get it to open both a single file or a file list as the external editor (Context menu si strictly forbidden and also non-existant. File association is also a bad idea, as I have to load all sorts of different file types). So now I'm using FAR's internal editor, which is not as feature-rich, but still it has syntax highlighting, and can be extended in features through FAR's plugin system.

      • Paulius

        Paulius - 2005-12-17

        I'm using FAR for ages. And it desn't stop me from using Notepad++ too.
        FAR has a nice internal editor, and i use it sometimes - when i need to make a quick change, or i need to see actual bytes of a file. But for most of the coding - i use Notepad++.

        Now, i can not tell you how to open multiple files from FAR using external editor - i don't think FAR supports that (but i might be wrong). However, it is possible to open single file from straight into Notepad++. Heres the settings i use:
        In "Options"->"Viewer settings", i have set External viewer to open on Alt-F3, and the command line looks like this: "C:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe" "!\!.!"
        Now, anytime i need to open a file in Notepad++, i hit Alt-F3...

        PS: if you found something in FAR documentation, that talks about file lists, and how to pass them to external applications - could you please tell me on what page you found it. I think i could improve my experience with FAR even more! :)

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          !& is for "list of selected files" (found by "Special symbols" help page)
          Don't get me wrong, I still use NPP, but just not as much as before, and at this rate I'll probably actually stop using it, someday soon, as this is a major flaw in the application (what good is a pleora of features, if you can't load a file on which to use them?) If I can find the time, maybe I'll also try to find the mood to do some modifications myself to the source and post them.

          • Paulius

            Paulius - 2005-12-18

            try the command "echo !&" in the "External editor/viewer" field.
            You will see, that it doesn't work as expected - !& expands to the filename (no path, no extension) of the file that is currently under the cursor (selection is ignored).

            However, with a little knowledge of windows batch commands, i wrote this command line:
            FOR /F "tokens=*" %i IN (!@!) DO start "C:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe" "!\%i"

            I think it should be possible to work on it a little, so that it ignores the selected directories. But in overall - it works as expected! So, dude - Stop bitching 'bout Notepad++ and start using it! :)

            Note to others: It is always useful to do some "if /?", "for /?", "start /?", "call /?", "set /?" etc., when you need some batch script. :)

            Good luck!

            • Paulius

              Paulius - 2005-12-18

              Ok, here is the updated command line:
              @for /F "tokens=*" %i in (!@!) do @if not exist !\%i\ start "dummy" "C:\\Program Files\\Notepad++\\notepad++.exe" "!\%i"

              Note: it ignores any selected directories. It doesn't require you to select anything - it will open the file under the cursor. It... It is almost perfect! :)

              IMPORTANT: Everytime you execute this command, FAR will create temporary file, with the list of selected files in it. So, i would recomend to execute the following command periodically (on system shutdown, or startup etc.):
              del /Q "%TEMP%\FTMP*"

              Note2: At least on my system - all temp files that FAR creates are named like this:

              So, as i was saying - stop bitchin' m'kay?! :)
              Just use the command to open the list of files.

              PS: it *might* be possible to extend that command even deeper, and force it to open all files in the selected directories, but i already spent too much time perfecting the last command, it's late, and i'm too sleepy to do anything... Good night! Sweet dreams!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      So that's how things get done around here? Someone finds a bug, then someone else tries to find a workaround, instead of trying to fix it. Thank you very much for giving me a reason to completely stop using NPP. Good night to you too!

      • Paulius

        Paulius - 2005-12-19

        Excuse me?!
        I think i made it pretty clear - it was a bug in FAR manager, not Notepad++! FAR was failing, to pass a list of selected files to the "external editor/viewer" on a command line. However, it's ability to make a temporary file with that list works perfectly. So i posted a workaround, how to make FAR Manager to open every single file from that temporary list file.
        Are you saying i was supposed to fix the bug in FAR?! FAR is shareware, closed source software. What else could i do?!

      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2005-12-20

        So just don't use it.
        Nobody forces you to use it.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      DID it ever occur to you that your computer settings are jacked up? Just from reading it seems as though most people have it working just fine. For me I have never seen a problem with NP++ and never had this error you are stating. Great job Don HO. Thanks for taking the time and effort to create a great free product!

      [quote]I *DID* use the .reg, and I did associate Notepad++ with my files. But... It works to load the first file, but every file after that says something different, depending on which document tab is currently selected in N++...

      On some tabs it might say: [/quote]

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i hear you,

      i was kind of wondering about that too. i mean, this is like a standard feature in editors; why can't Don Ho figure it out? i've been waiting for version after version for this and i'm surprised that he still hasn't figured it out. is it really that hard? hm.. i do agree with you that it makes the program unprofessional, i mean n++ isn't exactly something i could present to my coworkers. for such a simple reason as the one you mentioned... but don't forget, that n++ is free. and it has some really unique features, for hacker types, it's just not totally solid in every way. we can only hope for the future, though.

      - Troy

    • Paulius

      Paulius - 2005-11-20

      Notepad++ is open source (under GPL). So, if you don't like something about it - download the source, change it the way you think it should be, and propose your changes to the development team. That's what the open source thing is all about!

      It isn't fair to call Notepad++ or its author unprofessional. You didn't find one single feature that there should be (according to you) and you call it unprofessional? Who is being unprofessional here?

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2005-11-20

      The old right click context menu is buggy
      so I removed it.

      If you want to make a COM shell component to provide the shell extension to contribute this project, you're welcome.

      Otherwise stop whining and don't use it, since it's an open source free editor and nobody force you to use it.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      well put, Don HO

      I personally liked the context menu so I added the reg entry and it has been smooth sailing ever since. I don't see the problem...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      To the original poster of the thread, if you want to open a text file via the right-click context menu, some options that you have are:

      1. choose the right-click ... "open with ... choose program" option to browse to the notepad++.exe . This would associate notepad++ to that particular file extension.  You could even choose the option "permanently" so that double-clicking on files with that particular file extension opens up in notepad++.


      2. Do what I did and place a shortcut to the notepad++.exe in the
      C:\Documents and Settings\{your_user_account}\SendTo
      folder.  This way it is not extension dependent and will always be as a "send to" option for your windows user account.

      So don't let this "nice to have" feature (imho) deter you from trying out this software.  It has features not found in other editors (such as notepad, metapad, editpad, textpad, and ultraedit)  that may benefit coders and other users who deal with opening/viewing/editing non-binary files.


    • Chris Severance

      Chris Severance - 2005-11-21

      >editing non-binary files

      No reason to be exclusive. Notepad++ edits binary files just fine and the hex converters in the TextFX plugin allow you to edit binary files in some very unusual ways. Binary Copy-n-Paste is also there though it can behave unexpectedly depending on the operating system and program.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It seems that the one who said NP++ was unprofessional is really an unprofessional and unexperienced guy!!!

      The feature he needs is so minor that IMHO not so many people really need it. As someone said above, you can easily assign filetype to be opened with NP++ by the option "Files Assocications Manager" in NP++, or, as somebody said above, choose "Open with.. Choose program" when right-click, and then check "Always use the selected program to open this kind of  file".

      Personally, I use Total Commander 24/24, when I want to edit a file with NP++, I just hit Enter (if it's already been assigned to NP++), or hit F4 (I've also already configured TotalCommander for this). Right-clicking CAN'T BE as fast as this!!

      Don, thanks again for the great editor!

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      I *DID* use the .reg, and I did associate Notepad++ with my files. But... It works to load the first file, but every file after that says something different, depending on which document tab is currently selected in N++...

      On some tabs it might say:

      ----------------------------------------------------------------------CoulCould Not Open File tINCLUDED

      It gives a huge dialog box the size of the entire file with garbled and random junk characters. And you have to close the window 5 times.

      And on other tabs it might say:

      Could not open file "".

      And on other tabs it might say:

      Could not open file "IWHfwhF$(*YF$(H".

      This is why the program is unprofessional.

      And no, I don't want to just associate it through windows, I want a "n++" button in my right click menu, just like how "TextPad" is there...

      TextPad has got their act together.

      • f0dder

        f0dder - 2005-11-22

        I use the following in a .reg file... (modify to use correct paths). Works like a charm, also for multiple files. (OS: WinXP, using xPlorer^2 file manager).

        Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
        @="\"C:\\Programs\\Notepad++\\Notepad++.exe\" \"%1\""

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      >>And no, I don't want to just associate it through
      >>windows, I want a "n++" button in my right click
      >>menu, just like how "TextPad" is there...

      If you copy a shortcut to your "send to" folder like I highlighted previously you can have it on your right-click send to context menu "permanently".  You can name the shortcut to whatever you want, and choose any icon other than the default notepad++ one if you so desire.

      >>TextPad has got their act together.
      Haven't heard that name in awhile :-)  is it still being maintained?  Last maintenance update was over a year and a half ago.  If you did pay for the Textpad then by all means continue using it.  But if you are done with Textpad's trial period, I encourage you to pay for shareware (not freeware) editor.

      Oh and since you were mentioning using a .reg entry try editing the reference to the notepad++.exe without the "%1"
      NOT THIS:
      "C:\\Programs\\Notepad++\\Notepad++.exe\" \"%1\"
      BUT THIS:
      WHen I was creating the shortcut, like I mentioned prevously, I was including the "%1" thinking the exe would open the input file.  But Don said that when doing it this was I did not need the "%1"


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      huh? this is confusing
      why cant the program do it

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The programmer has deemed his prior implementation as "buggy". I'm merely providing a workaround solution since support is not currently in the current version of the program.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      its not working

    • Conan++

      Conan++ - 2005-11-30

      you can do this:
      NotePad++: Memu-> "Settings" -> "File Association Manager" -> select you fond "Supported exts" to "Registed exts"
      or right click to "Open With" this file.