There is an obvious in Error npp src.

jacky yang
  • jacky yang

    jacky yang - 2013-04-17

    There is an obvious Error in npp src. ( About FORTRAN Syntax Highlighting And Fold )
    You can see that in PowerEditor\src\ScitillaComponent\ScintillaEditView.cpp.
    {TEXT("fortran"), TEXT("Fortran"), TEXT("Fortran source file"), L_FORTRAN, SCLEX_FORTRAN},

    But you find Error in PowerEditor\src\ScitillaComponent\ScintillaEditView.h
    void setFortranLexer() {
    setLexer(SCLEX_F77, L_FORTRAN, LIST_0 | LIST_1 | LIST_2);

    SCLEX_FORTRAN( 36 ) != SCLEX_F77( 37 )

    SCLEX_FORTRAN Fortran Free form source code
    SCLEX_F77 Fortran Fixed form source code

    Bug 352 Fortran block comment 2006-03-14
    Bug 681 Free fortran Highlighting 2007-02-01
    Bug 3850 FORTRAN code folding fails for certain IF blocks 2012-06-27
    Bug #4223 Notepad++ 6.3 could not identify the adjacent keywords of Fortran. 2013-03-06

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  • jacky yang

    jacky yang - 2013-04-22

    How to make Notepad++ work right for FORTRAN Syntax Highlighting & Fold ( for Fortran Free Format source code ).

    A, Download SciLexerForNotepad++632Fortran.7z, replace the old SciLexer.dll in Notepad++.
    1, Download Scintilla Source Code from
    2, Modify SciLexer.h
    #define SCLEX_FORTRAN 37
    #define SCLEX_F77 36
    3, Use VC 2010 to build Scintilla
    You can read README before you do it.
    After that you can get the new SciLexer.dll.
    4. Replace the old SciLexer.dll in Notepad++ ( before 6.3.2 ).

    Last edit: jacky yang 2013-04-22