Closing File in 6.3 causes Unknown Exception error.

  • Scott A Tovey

    Scott A Tovey - 2013-02-19

    After upgrading to 6.3 with the automatic update, I get an error message every time a file closes. When I shutdown notepad++, the error message occurs for each file that is being closed during it's shutdown.

    Multiple open files equates to multiple unknown exception message boxes. Quite an annoying thing to deal with.

    Last edit: Scott A Tovey 2013-02-19
  • Loreia2

    Loreia2 - 2013-02-19

    Hi Scott,

    can you reproduce the issue after you rename plugins folder (to say plugins2).
    If not, try to enable one plugin at the time, to determine which one is the culprit.


  • Scott A Tovey

    Scott A Tovey - 2013-02-20

    I had some time to take a closer look and it turns out that the unknown exception error is caused by the "Preview HTML" plugin. Once I removed it, the error message stopped popping up.

  • François-R Boyer

    This is another plugin in Delphi with "unknown exception". Is there anything different in the new Notepad++ version that could cause the C++/Delphi interfacing to fail? Is anybody using successfully Delphi plugins with version 6.3?

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2013-02-22

      Notepad++ 6.3 (and Scintilla) was compiled with VS2005, under windows 8. I don't think OS makes difference.

      I just installed "Preview HTML" plugin for testing - without launching Preview HTML Panel, I have had "Unknown Exception" on each closed document. After lauching the panel, "Unknown Exception" message stopped.
      I would say there are some unproperly initialized variables in "Preview HTML" source code.


      Last edit: Don HO 2013-02-22
  • Den Gordo

    Den Gordo - 2013-02-22

    I'm having the same issue, reinstalling all plugins didn't fix it. Removing "Preview HTML" plugin did help. Thanks.

    Last edit: Don HO 2013-02-22
    • Robert

      Robert - 2013-03-01

      Updating the Preview HTML plugin manually from version to version 2.1.0 as available from solves the “exception message” problem.

      However, the Notepad++ “Plugin Manager” remains stubbornly unaware of the plugin update. It keeps installing/reinstalling version of the plugin, which is buggy as everyone using it noticed.


  • Don HO

    Don HO - 2013-02-22

    Why don't you use Npp "native" commands to preview in browser?

  • Dave Brotherstone

    The update has been published in plugin manager. We try to limit how often we update the list, as every update means millions of downloads - roughly 200Gb worth each update.

    It is not "stubbornly unaware", the database administration system had been updated, it just needed to be published, which is every 2-4 weeks when I'm on form, longer if not. I did a publish in the middle of February, so it's been published again today.



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