[Request] Some small suggestions for n++

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi all,

    First, congratulations on a good tool - I use it frequently, daily, and find it to be the best free editor on Windows.

    So onto my comments/suggestions:
    - If closing a (different) tab by clicking on the 'x' (when each tab has a 'x') focus should go back to the last tab you used.
    - In the preferences, 'MISC' should not be all capitalized.
    - In the explorer window, it would be nice (and similar to the real explorer) if clicking on the name of a folder would open it.

    That's all I can think of right now.  Thanks!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      if you want to count the occurance of a paticular word in a column, how about copy the column and paste it into a new document and then do a count ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The explorer plugin is in recoding. There will be a lots of improvements. Additionally Notepad++ 4.0 commes with docking, so explorer will be dockable, too.

      Best Regards

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      congratulation for this fine program too.
      i've found a small bug notpad++. when it's just known, excuse me please.
      well, when open a file, usually you see one tab. it has the name of your file or
      the standard name 'new 1'. so when i close this tab suddenly i get the name 'new 3'.
      sure it's not an important bug, but it could lift up the environment a little bit.

      so that's all and please go on with this great piece of free software!!!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Great program, I'll never need another on XP.  I like the new document switcher but I have a little problem.  I am left handed but use the mouse in a right handed configuration (don't need to swap buttons at work and bring down the wrath of the natives).  This means that using the switcher does not feel natural and my wrist feels stiff, so it will start yo ache pretty soon.

      Could it be possible to let the user select whether to use the right mouse button or the middle button (the wheel)?  I have played with holding down the wheel and spinning it, it works ok but it probably isn't very good for a large number of open documents.

      Thanks, Graeme Melia

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Very great tool. i use it every day at work and it simplify my life !

      Just one suggestion, it would be great if a diff tool would be integrated.
      Thanks, FB.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Goooooooooood tool,
      count a word, a string is interesting. But count a word in a special place is MORE interesting.... for me. It is possible to incluse this option ? for exemple count word "find" in position 3 on all line...

      • pshute

        pshute - 2006-10-31

        >But count a word in a special place is MORE interesting.... for me. It is possible to incluse this option ? for exemple count word "find" in position 3 on all line...

        If you use the Find All option in Find (ctrl+F) it will tell you how many were found.  I think you'll have to use a regular expression for your example, e.g. ^..find

        Alternatively, the advanced find (ctrl+R) allows you to specify a range of columns to search, but I don't think there's any way to get a count out of it except by counting them yourself as it finds them.


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