tenbob - 2013-07-10

Hi. I can't seem to get this working in a sensible way. Can anyone help?

I'm using Notepad++ v6.4.2 on a Normal Text file. I've turned on Smart Highlighting and I'm trying to make the display look reasonable.

I expected that the selected text would be styled as 'Selected text colour'. And any text that matched it would be styled as 'Smart Highlighting'.

The problem appears when you select a single word. Npp tries to display the selected text using both styles at once. This makes it an unattractive dirty grey colour.

I have chosen a pink background for selected text and a blue background for Smart Highlighting. The undesired effect is most noticeable when you drag the cursor over some text to select it. Starting at the beginning of a word the selected text is bright pink. When the cursor gets to the last character of the first word the selection changes to dirty grey. Then as you move to the next word the selection becomes pink again.

This behaviour occurs even if there is no matching text for Smart Highlighting to display.

I can't see why anyone would want to superimpose two styles in this way. It just looks messy. I'd much prefer it if the selected text was always displayed with the 'Selected text' style.

Can anyone suggest how to achieve this?

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