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[Feature Request] Close to Task bar

  • Simon Berger

    Simon Berger - 2007-12-29

    I would like to see a option that if I close Notepad++ it also be switched to taskbar. Surely there has to be a small context menu with at least "close". Also I could think of an option to hide the icon (in option menu and/or contextmenu) so that it will be opend again only be (re)starting. At this time I would make a patch myselv if you include it ;).
    The reason is. I saw the taskbar option the first time today and closing it is to fixed in my head. But I want to have a faster start of the program (it´s 1-2 seconds with many plugins)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Why ask for this? I guess there are other people who would say "Hey, when I close an application, I don't want it to stay in memory or wherever else I didn't ask it to be".

      • Simon Berger

        Simon Berger - 2007-12-30

        I guess you know what an option is?
        It makes sence if you think in another direction. I want to close the window but I don´t want to close the application. At least it would be the same. I only want it because of the performance because of that it would be good to also have the choise for no icon.
        That is really not to uncommon. programs like OpenOffice also use somnething like this. If you open it - close it - and open it again it will be much faster. I think they use something like a dump.

    • Greg Bullock

      Greg Bullock - 2007-12-29

      I'm not sure I understand.  How does your suggestion differ from clicking the Minimize button near the upper right corner of N++ (aside from choice of button)?


    • Simon Berger

      Simon Berger - 2007-12-29

      In no way. Only that it does also on clicking close ;)