New release - Notepad++ v5.8.5

Don HO
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  • Don HO

    Don HO - 2010-11-24

    Due to some complains about new icon, one option to switch back to the old one is available in the installer.

    The program "ChangeIcon" contributed by François-R Boyer  (and its fix for Windows 7 from UFO  ) makes the switching icon painfulless in installer procedure.

    I let you discover the other news about this new release:



  • kger

    kger - 2010-11-24

    Complaints about the new icon?  Really?  I'm still hoping for an icon version of the googly-eyed chameleon from the home page logo!

  • Alex Last

    Alex Last - 2010-11-24

    Syntax HighLighting works very slow on big files. 20 seconds on 1.7 MB C++ file.

  • zanzara

    zanzara - 2010-11-24

    after upgrading to 5.8.5, notepad++ "forgot" my default GUI-Localization-Language. The Program was english, instead of german.
    Means that the Localization in Settings -> Preferences was empty/didnt have a default language set. i had to manually choose German.
    Is this a bug? Because this never happened at an upgrade before. notepad++ always kept German as GUI language automaticly after upgrades to newer version.

  • zanzara

    zanzara - 2010-11-24

    yes, it seems like that its a bug with version 5.8.5. it happens on different pcs.
    installed 5.8.2 -> language is automaticly german
    upgraded to 5.8.5 -> language is english now
    installed 5.8.2 over 5.8.5 -> language is automaticly back to german

    seems like there is a problem with ui localization detection in 5.8.5?

  • Meng-Yuan Huang

    Meng-Yuan Huang - 2010-11-25

    Thanks to Notepad++ developers.
    The memorizing search direction setting bug has been fixed in this release.

  • g5dsk

    g5dsk - 2010-11-25

    The icon used in v5.8.4 is very excellent, please in following and following versions!

  • Don HO

    Don HO - 2010-11-25

    after upgrading to 5.8.5, notepad++ "forgot" my default GUI-Localization-Language. The Program was english, instead of german.

    May I know how do you update your old version of Notepad++ ?


  • hannoverdirk

    hannoverdirk - 2010-11-26

    Hi Don, first of all: thank you for your brilliant work.

    One thing I stumbeld upon: we use Notepad+++ on terminal servers. When changing the display language as an administrative user, the display language is changed for all users. Regular users are not able to change the display language. Would be nice if this behaviour will be changed so that regular users are able to set their own display language.

    Best regards,

  • Philippe

    Philippe - 2010-11-26

    I'm using Notepad++ 5.8.4 on Windows 7 (x64), but when I click on "?" => "Update Notepad++", gup.exe indicates that no update is available. is there a delay or something?

  • Philippe

    Philippe - 2010-11-26

    Oh ok that's right, sorry.

    BTW maybe the 15 days delay should be indicated somewhere ? ;-)

  • Dave Brotherstone

    It's not a 15 day delay.  It checks every 15 days. That means it could check the same day that an update is "announced" as being current - by announced here i mean the PHP file on the website is changed to say that a new version is the "current version".

    The "we don't push the update out automatically until we're very sure that everything is stable" delay, which can be literally any amount of time, could be indicated somewhere.

  • Anonymous - 2010-11-26

    Hi, first at all big thanks to Don Ho and its crew. Notepad++ is a fantastic tool!

    To the icon issue, first the old one truly needed the update/upgrade, since not all common resolutions existed and it had fuzzy, unsharp edges.
    But I have problems with the new one, first I'm trying to promote the usage in a professional corporate environment, so I have problems with the premature looking chameleon (all resolutions from 48x48 up to 128x128)
    I really like the 16x16 and 32x32 ones (it could be only a bit less green, since on a Windows7 taskbar, it is sometimes looking like a loading progress )

    What is the community thinking about hiring/asking a professional (icon-)designer like Wolfgang Bartelme , Sebastiaan de With or the IconFactory
    I would donate to hire one of the professionals above without hesitation.

    Cya Mr. Owen

  • nicyk

    nicyk - 2010-11-27

    the v5.8.4 icon is good. i like it.

  • Dragon Chuang

    Dragon Chuang - 2010-11-27

    I like new icon (v5.8.4) , too. :)

  • cchris

    cchris - 2010-11-27

    The 15 delay is indicated somewhere… on the wiki.
    What I think is a misfeature is that the delay also applies to ? -> Update Notepad++ item. It is a deliberate attempt by the user, so it should not behave as if there were no update at all. Perhaps a dialog box displaying the time left before enabling update, and asking for confirmation to udate before it has expired?


  • Dave Brotherstone

    @CChris - but how would it know?

    I think the way the auto-update works isn't quite how you think it is.  When the user clicks ? -> Update Notepad++, it checks the web page, there and then, if there is an update.  There's no 15 days there.  If the web page says there's an update, then it updates, if it doesn't, then it doesn't. The web page it checks is the getDownLoadUrl.php under commun/update on the sourceforge site.  That URL is still saying 5.7 is the latest version (, replace the version element with anything greater than 5.7 and it will just say "no" .  This page is only updated by Don, as far as I'm aware.  I'm not sure if it's now changed to a page on tuxfamily now, but even so, users with an older version (5.6.x for example), will get no update. 

    So there's no way to tell how long is "left", as it's just when the page is updated by Don, when he feels the release is stable.

    The automatic check, as far as I know, just checks this site every 15 days - if Don updates it just after your version has checked it, then you're in for a 15 day wait (unless you click "update notepad++"), if he updates it just before your version does its automatic check, then you're in for an update straight away.

    Maybe @Don could confirm this is the case? 

    Perhaps this ought to be explained somewhere on the wiki.


  • François-R Boyer

    Since GUP (the updater) is also written by Don, we could expand it if needed.  The server side PHP currently returns either "yes" or "no" as "NeedToBeUpdated".  It could return in the XML a "bleeding edge" version, if it exists.  It could also return the URL of the release page (with the "what's new"), and the GUP executable would have a button to open that URL, so the user can chose to update or not.  Having date information on each "news" of the "Notepad++ newsletter" would let the user know how "bleeding" is the version.  What do you think?

  • cchris

    cchris - 2010-11-28

    Something simpler perhaps?

    ? -> Update Notepad++ would send a request for "version.html" page, the contents of which being the current version number and release date. It would need to be refreshed on each new release.

    Then a comparison ebtween these and the date and version on the client would lead to three possible outcomes:
    * Nothing to update
    * Updte is possible, but bleeding edge, want to proceed? A simple Yes/No message boox would be presented to user, with the relevant data.
    * Proceed with update.


  • Grindax

    Grindax - 2010-11-29

    Don, have you been able to confirm the code folding margin issue?

  • phunkydizco

    phunkydizco - 2010-11-29

    The new icon is great. Looks very good in the windows 7 taskbar.

  • zanzara

    zanzara - 2010-11-30

    _after upgrading to 5.8.5, notepad++ "forgot" my default GUI-Localization-Language. The Program was english, instead of german.

    May I know how do you update your old version of Notepad++ ?


    npp.5.8.5.Installer.exe /S

    thats how i do it for all versions.
    but the issue started with 5.8.5 and never happened before.
    (post 5)

  • jordonlj

    jordonlj - 2010-11-30

    hi, after updating to 5.8.5 (using exe installer), if i right-click one text file on desktop, one error message will pop up :"windows explorer has stopped…..", but if i roll back to 5.8.4, everything is ok,
    any idea???

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