Import Document to be included in current 'Tab' page.

  • theoldman

    theoldman - 2013-12-13

    Hi. I load another document in another 'Tab' (or copy it directly), then paste it into the Main document I need it in.
    Please can we have a 'Import File' feature that just imports another document into the content of the Main document at the point required. I know its a lot to ask.
    All the best.

  • theoldman

    theoldman - 2013-12-16

    Hi. Surely its not a question on how many voters there are, but a question on if its practical or not. Not everyone will think of asking for a feature. Most will not for one reason or another.
    Programmers, manual writers and so on need this feature. Loading in code/subroutines to a main program (why re-invent whats already done). Lots of programmers have a database of generally used routines that are quickly loaded into a new program code, or writers have descriptions on various subjects ready to load into a new manuals and so on. The list is endless.
    As NotePad++ also does programming languages, then, as with many compilers/editors, this feature would be needed, surely?
    All the best.