M. Müller - 2009-03-31


I know there are several topics on this topic and read most of them but there are still some things that I'm not sure about.

As far as i got it:
- There is a automatic word-wrapping Function, but it doesn't physically insert "/n"s to the File, it's just   
  altering how the file is displayed.
- TextFX has the possibility to manually cut a selected Text at column 72 or X (-> clipboard)

Is there any Function like word wrap that really inserts a newline after a number of columns specified? I've searched for hours but it seems like there just is no such function, did i just overlook it?
There are several threads that are about a auto-word wrap function, do they all talk of the function I already found or is this function i am looking for somewhere?
Normally this is a standard fuction and I can't imagine that such a powerful tool can't do such simple things. ;)

Thanks a lot for your help,