Show ALL unmatched html tags plugin request

  • Zack Macomber

    Zack Macomber - 2012-01-09

    As far as I've seen, there's not a plugin out there that will highlight all unmatched html tags in a file.  I know that I can hover over a tag that has a matching tag and both will be highlighted, but I'm looking for a way to highlight ALL unmatched tags in a web page file (this would include things like PHP, JSP, HTML).  I would program this plugin myself, but I'm a Java developer and I don't have Visual Studio installed on my PC.

  • cchris

    cchris - 2012-01-27

    Can you post this to the Plugin Development forum rather? Using Java to develop a plugin may be a problem, since the plugin system requires a dll to load.


  • François-R Boyer

    You do not require Visual Studio (the integrated environment), only the C/C++ compiler (which is free). If you really want to do it in Java, it could probably be done using the JNI (Java Native Interface).


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