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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    for the wishlist:
    - integration into Firefox Plugin Launchy
    - "Search marked text button" like in Ultraedit

    • Chris Severance

      Chris Severance - 2005-10-31

      I had been experimenting with different tools for a quick word search until I discovered it done right in PSPAD (which BTW is an excellent Freeware editor, though not being open source GPL, can be abandoned by the author at any time like too many freeware editors).

      Ctrl-Shift-Up, Ctrl-Shift-Down Mark word or Search Up/Down. If nothing is marked, a word is marked for you. If something is marked, that is searched for in the desired direction and marked again so that it may be instantly searched again in either direction.

      Since the search is not performed unless something is marked, you can also use these keys to mark the current word even if you don't intend to search for it.

      Unfortunately PSPAD made a slight implementation mistake which makes it very irritating to use. Unless you are positioned correctly, PSPAD will first find the occurance you're already on. Properly implemented it requires 1 or 2 hits to find-next. PSPAD by mistake can require +1 key hits to move to the next occurance and always requires +1 hits to reverse direction. I've implemented the same function in the NPPTextFX plugin without that mistake covering the move line up/down function that I never use. This plugin with this quick word search will be released with Notepad++ 3.3.

      Like several other features, I'm using it constantly. I promptly removed the other features wishing to be as quick and useful.