Mesmeric - 2014-01-09

Hello there!
I find the doc switcher is great, but has the following shortcomings that i think could be easily sorted.
I often have a webpage separated into htm, js, css, with all the same base filename.
To maximise the space available for coding, one naturally sizes the doc switcher to reduce its width. because the extensions are on the right the extensions become lost. Result, one has to keep resizing the docswitcher to use it, as one needs to see the extension to choose the right file.
This could easily be fixed/improved by the following:

  1. Have different icons for different file extensions (preferred). Items in dirty state therefore could either highlight the filename with colour (rather than the icon currently) or have a highlighted icon for use against each file type.

  2. Alternatively, place the extension column on the left hand side not the right (or provide an option to control their placing in the config) would also solve this.

  3. A third option (additional to the above) would be the ability to map a shortcut to toggle the Doc Switcher...

Thanks for the thoughts,


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