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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi, Notepad++ is excellent.

    I noted a missing font that appears in other editors and apps but is missing in notepad++. Bitstream Vera San Mono is missing.

    To be more exact in the font drop-down selection I have: Bitstream Vera San Mono Bold. I observe the only font of this type I can get is BOLD. I assume if it said in the drop-down menu: Bitstream Vera San Mono, then I'd have the expected choices for this font.

    Could anyone please tell me what to do to fix?

    Thanks, Lee G.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Follow up my post above - the solution posted here http://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=3912986 works for me, although in v4.7.5 the file to edit is called "stylers.xml" rather than "content.xml".

      Although the non-bolded variants of the fonts don't reappear in the font selection dropdown, I'm able to modify styles using the style configurator and my desired non-bolded font still displays, including after restart.

      Sorry for any duplication of presumably known issues.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I am experiencing exactly the same problem. Has anybody any ideas on how to fix this?

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Hi, has anyone found a resolution for this?

        Downloaded notepad++ today, installed on two computers running XP and have the same issue.

        On one system I have Bitstream Vera Sans Mono displaying only bold option; on the other this font shows up correctly. However, on the other the same problem exists with Consolas, Tahoma and many others both monospaced and proportional.

        I notice a couple of related bug reports that appear to have been closed - am I missing something?



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