F3/Ctrl+F3 is broken in v3.8

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Previously hitting Ctrl+F3 once allowed me to repeat the search by F3. Now it is impossible, I need to do Ctrl+F3 again. But this is not practical, if I have edited the text already. I can't use Notepad++ until this is fixed, thanks.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      No, it was broken in V3.7, and fixed in v3.8 :)

      Given the history of this, Don's probably unlikely to change back.
      There are now 3 searches in NP++ :
      ^F3 highlights, and finds next instance of the word at the cursor. This is volatile.

      ^F, then F3/ShiftF3, std search fwd/back, and this remembers last word.

      Ctrl.Alt.I - incremental search, pops up a smaller dialog, and has a _different_ buffer to ^F, and uses the <> find buttons.

      With three to choose from, there should be a search for everyone ?

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2006-08-29

      > Don's probably unlikely to change back.



    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Goodbye. Thank god Crimson Editor, Visual Studio and NetBeans work better. Ctrl+F3 followed by F3 is pretty much standard elsewhere.


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