Allow resize search / replace dialog

  • Rodrigo Estevao Rodrigues

    Is that possible in further versions to allow resize the Search / Replace dialog? Sometimes we have a large amount of text and its hard to use it. We have to open another text editor like notepad, type the text and than put it back on dialog.



    THEVENOT Guy - 2014-07-02

    Hello Rodrigo,

    I do agree, with you, that if we could resize the Find/Replace dialog, typing in the Find what and Replace with zones will be easier ! An other nice feature would be the possibility to change the font and/or its size, in these zones :-)

    But, why you bother to use traditional Notepad, to build your Search or Replace text ? Just use our loved editor to do so !

    Sometimes, when I create complex regular expressions, where position and form of every character is important, I simply zoom in the display of text, with some CTRL + Numeric pad key + So, It's very easy to detect an invalid form !

    Then, when I think that my regex seems OK ( Be quiet, It's NEVER the case, at first time ! ) :

    • I copy my regex with CTRL + C , WITHOUT including the EOL characters \r\n , at the end of the line

    • I open the Search / Replace / Find in Files dialog with the CTRL + F, CTRL + H or CTRL + SHIFT + F shortcut

    • I paste the regex, in the right zone, with the CTRL + V shortcut

    Best Regards,


    Last edit: THEVENOT Guy 2014-07-03

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