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  • johannes

    johannes - 2012-12-06

    In the monokai theme html attributes are displayed with a background not really contrasting with the font. is there a way to change this?

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  • cchris

    cchris - 2012-12-29

    Settings -> Styler Configurator, HTML, ATTRIBUTE, change background as you wish while Monokai is selected as current theme in the top dropdown list.


  • Tripzilch

    Tripzilch - 2013-01-10

    Yeah, no. If you'd take a look at the screenshot, you'll see that this is a different issue. The "HTML > ATTRIBUTE" styler setting only affects the background of the attribute name. In his case (and I'm having the same problem), the whole attribute="value" pair is highlighted with a darkened yellow colour.

    The setting that causes this background is in fact the "Global Styles > Tags attribute" styler setting.

    Unfortunately this setting only seems to work with the default colour scheme, at least not with the Monokai and Bespin themes. In fact the setting is often missing from the list in other themes, but occasionally it appears. I haven't been able to consistently reproduce when this happens, but when it does, changing it doesn't work either. Editing the style colour in the XML file directly also does not work (the colour for that style in Bespin is already set to a darkened grey, but is displayed as a darkened yellow regardless).

    Given that the setting appears and disappears from the list, it's definitely a bug. And as the OP says, it creates a poor contrast in darker colour schemes.

    I came here to this forum looking for a workaround, actually. Maybe there is some way of disabling this particular styling altogether? I don't really need my attribute="value" pairs highlighted anyway.

    • acturbo

      acturbo - 2013-05-08

      thank you so much for posting. This issue has been driving me crazy for weeks. I have ripped apart the XML theme file (i use twilight.xml), i have tried to edit the colors directly in the xml, copying global color settings where they don't belong under html, javascript and css, etc. etc.

      This issue is particularly annoying in editing HTML files since that's where the tags match. I don't mind the highlighting if i can control the color (ideally it should be subtle). Also, this information is not documented anywhere, so it would be very good to get this posted more prominently.

      That ugly yellow color is driving me to not use notepad++. I love WebStorm, but the load time is too long. I use notepad++ because it's almost as good, but it's so much faster to load.


      I updated my question on

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  • Tripzilch

    Tripzilch - 2013-01-10

    Investigating further, the "Deep Black" colour scheme does seem to apply this styler setting correctly, what might be the difference?

    ... aaaaaaand I FIXED IT :-) The difference between the "Deep Black" scheme vs "Bespin" and "Monokai" styles, is that the (otherwise unrelated) "Find Mark Style" entry appears TWICE in the XML file. Removing one of them (they appear to be identical except for the order of the XML-attributes) solves the problem and makes the "Tags attribute" styler setting work correctly!!

    I didn't check the other themes, but it wouldn't surprise me if a number of the others also have this very same problem.

    Apparently having a duplicate entry in the styler XML causes some part of the styles list to be overwritten? I'm not 100% sure, but that smells like they're using a home-brew XML parser to read this styler file, otherwise we'd either see an XML parsing error, or a duplicate entry would just silently overwrite the previous one without affecting some unrelated style entry. Tsk, tsk ... :)

    Well, I hope the project maintainer sees this thread, because correcting the packaged styler XML files should be a simple bug fix.

    In the mean time I hope this helps people!


    THEVENOT Guy - 2013-05-12

    Hi, Tripzilch,

    You're perfectly right !

    Actually, nine themes have two lines, relative to the style "Find Mark Style" at the end of the .xml file, in <GlobalStyles> section. These are, in alphabetical order :

    • "Bespin.xml"
    • "Black board.xml"
    • "Choco.xml"
    • "Mono Industrial.xml"
    • "Monokai.xml"
    • "Plastic Code Wrap.xml"
    • "Ruby Blue.xml"
    • "Twilight.xml"
    • "Vibrant Ink.xml"

    It's obvious, it would be better to have only one instance of this style !

    After some investigations, except for the "Find Mark Style" style, there's no file with duplicate name in the <GlobalStyles> section.

    However, some styles are not present, in some of the 20 proposed themes, with Notepad++.

    So, and just for information :

    • The two files "vim Dark Blue.xml" and "Deep Black.xml" don't contain the 5 styles "Mark Style 1" to "Mark Style 5".

    • The two styles "Saved Change marker" and "Unsaved Change marker" are mentioned, only in "vim Dark Blue.xml" theme.

    • The style "Fold active" exists in the theme's files below :


    • Finally, the style "Mark colour" is present in the theme's files below :

    "Black board.xml"
    "Mono Industrial.xml"
    "Plastic Code Wrap.xml"
    "Ruby Blue.xml"
    "Vibrant Ink.xml"
    "vim Dark Blue.xml"

    Enjoy our loved editor !



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