NpWiki++ temporarily unavailable

  • cchris

    cchris - 2014-06-20

    As planned, Sourceforge decomissioned all its Hosted Apps today. This has made IdeaTorrent and NpWiki++ unavailable today.

    Relocation on is in progress, but not effective yet. Service will resume in the next few days hopefully for NpWiki++. For IdeaTorrent, which had some shortcomings, alternative solutions will be considered. This will lead to a longer period of unavailability.

    Sorry all for the inconvenience. When the new wiki is up and running, it will no longer suffer from the drawbacks of the Hosted Apps platform. This will result in improvements over time which were plainly not possible within the SF framework, as useful as it had been.


    • Steen Hulthin Rasmussen

      I have some time to spare. Can I help?

  • Jeff Evans

    Jeff Evans - 2014-07-04

    Any update on this? Has the NPWiki++ been relocated anywhere yet? If not, is it available for download (for a local copy of the site)?

  • Loreia2

    Loreia2 - 2014-07-07

    Hi Jeff,

    Chris will post updates when transfer process is finished. We can only be patient until then.


  • peterg4000

    peterg4000 - 2014-08-28

    Could you possibly put some highlighted notes up on the pages that advise of this situation? 2 months, and counting.

    I just spent quite a while hunting around for the plugin list and wondering why all the links didn't send me to what they said they would send me to.
    Maybe a banner on the home page and resources page would be a good start?

  • Don HO

    Don HO - 2014-09-07

    I have contacted CChris for this issue, I will contact directly with SF staff if I don't get any reply from CChris.


  • Don HO

    Don HO - 2014-09-30

    As promised, NpWiki++ has been restored on:

    Logins are available for all old users, the passwords remain the same.



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