if (Notepad++ == v4.1.2) return true;

Don HO
  • Don HO

    Don HO - 2007-05-21

    For those who has no crash issue while updating from v3.9 to v4.1.1, you may not need this release. But if you do and you went back to v3.9 (or previous version), then you need to download the installer of this version, then just install onto the old installation.

    v4.1.2 fixed bugs and added features (from v4.1.1) :

    1.  Fix crash problem of updating v4.1.1 from v3.9 (or previous version) by modifying the installer (remove HexEditorPlugin.dll).
    2.  Fix the bug of the settings "Remember the last operation directory" : this parameter is remembered by acrossing the sessions.
    3.  Fix Ruby source file buffer overflow bug.
    4.  Increase User Define Language keywords buffers from 1024*20 to 1024*30 characters.
    5.  Increase the buffer of Extension defined by user from 20 to 256 characters in Style Configurator.
    6.  Fix the bug of user defined keywords field in Styler configurator.
    7.  Add URL "Notepad++ Home", "Notepad++ Project Page", "Online help" and "Forum" into menu.

    Pleas do your critical bug report in this thread if any.


    • Nobody/Anonymous


      "Find in files" with "In all sub-folders" checked sometimes causes 4.1.2 to crash. It seems to happen when the base folder is pretty big (>1GB).
      Is this a known bug? Is it still due to the memory leak problem?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      "Move down current line" feature broke in one situation since 4.1.1 (including 4.1.2)

      It doesn't move down the current line if the line below current one is a *blank* line. otherwise it works as expected. "Move up current line" don't have this problem.

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2007-05-22

      No feedback for v4.1.2?


      • MJG

        MJG - 2007-05-23

        Well, I haven't found any "critical bugs" yet.  It will take a while to use all the features of the program before I can say, "It's good."

        Still, version 4.1 has some nice feature enhancements.  The "Find in Files" docked results pane is a very practical improvement over the previous dialog view.

        I'll probably be posting some feature requests over the next few weeks, though.  We're never satisfied, are we?  (But that's not a bad thing, really. :-) )  --Joel

        • Don HO

          Don HO - 2007-05-23

          Thank you for the feedback, Joel.

          I admit that the title of this thread is not quite readable, but I think at least it's understandable!

          I'm dispointed by the number of feedbacks for this release. Is there anyone out there does care about it?


          • Nobody/Anonymous

            I'd provide feedback if I found something wrong :-)
            Be pleased that you've done such a good job!


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      quiero pedir acontinuacion las faces para poder instalar eml notepad++ por favor

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      We're too busy using it, shh, stop distracting me :p

      I havn't found any issues with it.

      I would say most people would only complain if they had an issue.

      Maybe you will have to code some bugs for the next release, so you get more people complaining :p

      I do have one question though...

      Why can't a set the shortcut for 'delete line' to Shift + Del ? That's what i'm used to in Visual Studio, but can't do it in N++

      But... I have it set to Ctrl + Shift + Del, which is basically the same thing, so not worried really.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      See also "Feature Request: Delete current line shortcut":

      SHIFT+DEL is good-old-days cut behavior. It still works that way. Perhaps that is why you can't set that as a shortcut.

      I also don't experience much problems using the most recent version of NP++.
      Well DONe!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      After I opened notepad++ with pervious session's files, I select a line of text and press "backspace", then notepad++ crashed.
      But if I new a file and type some words and close that file, then I can delete a line of text in other files.
      It happens in 4.1.1 & 4.1.2.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Find in Files does not seem to profit of dual core cpu


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      me again...
      sorry for spamming, but due to the frequent updates: what about an update checker for n++ in the ?-menu (besidethe new entries)
      and maybe with the option to check for updates every wathever
      in addition it could also check for plugin updates. yes, i really think thats a good idea. :-)


      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2007-05-25

        I thought about providing Update Checker either :
        Another component (out of Notepad++) which is launched while Notepad++ (or Windows?) launch time. it checks silently if new update is available. In the case of the presence of new version, it'll ask users' permission to download the new version then install it.
        This component can be launched from Notepad++ also.

        My main problem is the Notepad++ download link of sourceforge : I want to have a http link that I can use wget or curl to download the released binary.
        In the case of release v4.1.2 (the following link) :

        All I get from this URL with curl is an html page, but not the binary (the download is triggered by javascript I guess).

        Any idea about downloading the binary with curl/wget from sourceforge?


        • Nobody/Anonymous

          Something like this one-liner spits out a directly downloadable url (properly quoted for input to bash, so you'll have to adjust accordingly):

          wget http://sourceforge.net/project/downloading.php?group_id=95717&filename=npp.4.1.2.Installer.exe&46268497" -O - 2> /dev/null | grep direct | grep -E -o "http://.*\\.exe"

          The above should read as one line, hopefully the forum software degenerate it too badly ;-)

          Greets, Felix Koehler

          • Nobody/Anonymous

            baah, the forum software completely destroyed the above entry. There obviously is a double quote in front of the first url. Just to be more geeky, I'll repost a oneliner, which will directly download the executable ;-)

            wget `wget "http://sourceforge.net/project/downloading.php?group_id=95717&filename=npp.4.1.2.Installer.exe&46268497" -O - 2> /dev/null | grep direct | grep -E -o "http://.*\\.exe"`

            Greets, Felix

        • Astrophobos

          Astrophobos - 2007-05-25

          Not directly from sourceforge but with a mirror:


          Maybe checking a list of mirror for availability ?


          • Nobody/Anonymous

            You should avoid that, as it will always hammer the same mirror. The entry below allows the load to be more balanced between mirrors.

      • Nobody/Anonymous


    • Nobody/Anonymous


      Windows 2000 + Open file Dialog = incorrect icons


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It may be nice to have a second level in the Language drop-down. It's getting to be too long.

    • jmg_

      jmg_ - 2007-05-31

      See my other post, about a 4.1.2 install over an older install, that
      crashes, until plugins directory is reduced.
      I missed this 4.1.2 thread because of the strange title :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      4.1.2 is my first experience using N++ and I love it.  Many kudos to you and others that contributed to this wonderful tool!  This is definitely my new favorite Windows power-toy.  I have been using Crimson Editor, but N++ is definitely a much better application.  Possibly the greatest thing since sliced bread and indoor toilets.  Thank you for all your hard work!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      In your request for feedback, perhaps it would help if you listed 4.1.2 as the latest version on the main site (http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net) instead of 4.1.1.

      Just a thought.



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