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  • Stephan Ainley

    Stephan Ainley - 2004-04-27

    One thing I would really like that I haven't seen in any text editor is to be able to browse the different .txt, .rtf whatever files  in the same folder.  All it could be is just a "Next File" and "Previous File" buttons or menu items. 

    Then maybe in the options you'd select what files it cycles through.....or maybe you could have a "next -> text file", "next -> rtf file", etc....

    No clue...Does this sound useful to enough people?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I had the same idea!

      I've come across a little file browser, which has the "Next File" and "Previous File" commands, and can be configured to open files in Notepad++:



    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It's good idea, I'm missing this possibility too.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Metapath is a cool little proggie; just a little clumsy.

      If you want to browse just .txt files, Irfanview will do it.

      I've been searching for a while for a proggie that treats text based files (rtf,doc,pdf etc) like Irfanview/ACDSee treats image files.

      The closest I found was the gallery portion of the Soft602 suite; nice preview of all the major formats, the only drawback is that it's big and clumsy (and XP-ugly).