CSS color syntaxing into .html

  • PsychoMessiah

    PsychoMessiah - 2005-12-17

    I would know why the CSS <style type="text/css"> blabla </style> aren't displayed like CSS. PHP into HTML works fine, but CSS don't.

    Thanks for help ;)

    • Paulius

      Paulius - 2005-12-18

      Yes, that is one of the limitations of Scintilla - it supports PHP, ASP and JavaScript code inside HTML - it can not support anything else. I read somewhere, that Scintilla can support up to four different highlight modes (or what is it called). So, it will change in Notepad++, only, when it is changed in Scintilla.

      • tom hirashima

        tom hirashima - 2006-09-22

        hmm, would it be possible to edit the language definitions to remove, as ASP and add CSS instead? Is this something users could do on their own?

    • PsychoMessiah

      PsychoMessiah - 2005-12-18

      Thank you,
      can anyone else tell me why is it like this ?


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