Temp loss of function list and explorer panel with using Dexpot Virtual Screen manager.

Pete H
  • Pete H

    Pete H - 2013-12-09

    The title says it all, If i switch between virtual screens, when i come back to the screen with Notepad++ the editor text is there but the explorer and function list are gone until you hover over the spot where they were. Then the screen becomes jumbled. Minimize and then restore Notepad ++ seems to solve the problem until i switch windows again. I know this is a minor issue but it may be a window into a bigger issue that is yet undetected.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  • cchris

    cchris - 2013-12-15

    I have never experienced this, even though I use Dexpot at work on XP Pro SP3 unprivileged. I don't use the xplorer plugin, which is pretty old and has other issues, but I'll check with the function list panel.

    Do the windows show up when you go to Dexpot Windows, specially looking at the "lost" section? If so you could retrieve them there. How do they behave when you copy or move N++ to another desktop?


  • Pete H

    Pete H - 2015-01-05

    Latest version of Notepad ++ 6.7.3, Depox 1.6.14 B 2439 Explorer Plugin v1.8.2 and showing function list. I am running windows 7 Professional on an HP ProBook 4530s

    Traveling between windows on I tend to lose the function list on the right and the explorer on the left.I only have the mmain window filling the screen. If i minimize then restore, everything is ok. I think this is just a speed bump not a major bug.


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