Default style loading error for themes other than default

YoYo Kenny
  • YoYo Kenny

    YoYo Kenny - 2013-09-02

    I have come across a bug in the theme/style selector when opening a file with an extension that is not in the default list. Has occurred on 2 laptop computers. Only happens so far when opening from explorer's right-click context menu.

    Here are two screenshots. The first is with the bug, the second is what should be happening.

    What is happening:

    What should be happening:

    Yes, the file in the screenshots is a registry file, but has a different file extension because it is used as a defaults file by my WinImagePortable.cmd batch script.

  • Loreia2

    Loreia2 - 2013-09-02

    Hi Kenny,

    did you extend list of extensions for registry type?
    Settings / Style configurator / ini file


  • Anonymous - 2013-10-24


    I have the same annoying bug.

    As the OP said, it happens ONLY if you open a file unknown for Notepad++ while using Explorer or similar softwares. Double-click or right-click, doesn't matter.

    But if you open the same file while you are in Notepad++ by using the "Recent File" section or the "Open File" function, this bug don't happen.

    One workaround is to add the extension of the file (if existing) in any language of the style configurator. I do it for all TXT files that I often use... One another is to select a language using the "language" menu to force the coloration, that I have to do when I want to open some .htaccess files using Explorer for exemple.

    I shouldn't have to do any of that. And as I use mainly Explorer to open files, it make this bug REALLY annoying. Is there a way to say to Notepad++ to use the default style for all unknown files ?

    Edit : Even a global override of the background/foreground color don't solve the problem.

    Last edit: Anonymous 2013-10-24
  • cchris

    cchris - 2013-11-10

    Upgrade to 6.5.1



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