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bon ami
  • bon ami

    bon ami - 2006-05-31

    if i disable line number margin to be displayed, and keep bookmark margin on, i cannot hardly click left margin to select line, since the cursor does not change between bookmark margin and the place that i can click to select line.
    all in all, i recommend two. 1, cursor displays different where i click to bookmark and where i click to select line. 2, give more space to select whole line in the case bookmark margin may be decreased. all these are on the basis that i keep bookmark margin on and line numbers off to save work space.
    thank you.

    • Anonymous - 2006-05-31

      I had an editor once, in which there was a separate "line selection" margin - I could click on it to select a whole line. In fact, I still have that habit and frequently subconsciously click on the folding margin to select a line. Of course this makes bookmark instead and thus turns a single click into a series of three clicks - another one to delete the bookmark and then the final, precise one to select a line.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Me too, sometimes I want to select a line and end up bookmarking it.

        Maybe the bookmark "column" should be placed at the left of the line numbers.

        And for bookmarks, either a cursor change or a hover effect could help.


    • bon ami

      bon ami - 2006-07-24

      not seeing this problem CORRECTED, i'm afraid i cannot bear to use notepad++.

    • mykro76

      mykro76 - 2008-06-27

      I wanted to select the current line and did not even know about this magic hotpoint feature until I found this thread.

      Perhaps a context menu option "Select current line" should be provided, which does the same thing.  Perhaps even with a shortcut key as well.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Tripleclicking a line works well. Its like doubleclick but then three button presses, the whole line will be selected


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