• GabF

    GabF - 2014-01-09

    I just found out that that Notepad++ supports natively switching to the next or previous tab with ctrl+pg*, apparently since 6.4.4, HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL ANYONE?
    I've been keeping Notepad# for months tolerating a crash with loss of work every few hours only to have this feature! And it was already implemented natively!!

    Of course thank you for implementing it but when I think of how much time and hairs I lost these months for this thing for nothing... aargh!!

    Thank you again but please remember to tell about it in the history and possibly close the related tickets (#1883, #1914, #1988, #2011, #2251, ) next time you implement an important feature (and no it wasn't implicit in "7. Add direct access to the tab feature (Ctrl + NumPad)." ) !!

  • Andreas Jonsson

    Andreas Jonsson - 2014-01-09

    Heh, I was the one who implemented it but I don't write the release notes. The release notes are copied from the commit messages in the source code repository. I agree that they are usually too terse, but I suppose they're not fun to write either. Users (other than Guy Thevenot) probably have a difficult time understanding the new features.

    The notes should preferably tell 1) exactly what a new feature does and 2) how to access it. In many cases screenshots could help clarify things.


    "New shortcuts for switching between tabs. You can now press Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, ... to go directly to the n:th tab. You can also press Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDn to quickly cycle between tabs. These commands are also available in the View->Tab menu."

    • THEVENOT Guy

      THEVENOT Guy - 2014-01-10

      Hi Andreas, GabF and All,

      Oh no, Andreas ! As anyone else, I don't understand everything, at the first attempt !! I did ask Don, sometimes, because I hadn't understand some points of the Change.log file. See, for example, the end of my post, at the address and my question about point 6) of the v6.5.2 Change.log below and Don's answer :

      It's just that I use N++ [almost] every day :-) As George Clooney, I would say..... N++, what else ?

      But, as GabF said, it would be worth, sometimes, developing some main points and new features, on two or three lines, in the change.log file !

      @ Predelnik,

      Oh, Sergey, that's quite funny ! Do you know what substitute words your DSpeelCheck plugin proposes, concerning the word "Clooney", with the GB dictionary ?

      => The two words cyclone and clone !!

      I'm quite sure that George can activate a cyclone, on his crossing and... that many women would get a clone of him :-)

      Let become serious again ! Andreas, did you see the LAST part of my post, at the address below, concerning a tiny bug, about the choice Jump to the next highlighted Style #n, in case of a forward search of an UNIQ character :

      I'm thinking about a small and idiot error, which shouldn't be too difficult to fix !



      Last edit: THEVENOT Guy 2014-01-10
      • GabF

        GabF - 2014-01-13

        THEVENOT, I don't understand a lot of your post, was it by mistake that you addressed PredeInik in this thread, where there's no word from him? And did you mean to tell Andreas here about that other thing that apparently has nothing to do with this thread?
        And, in general, what's with all those bold words? Some might make sense to be highlighted but most seem to have been chosen completely at random, as if you spilled ink on the web page! Maybe you want to show enthusiasm and that's great, but this makes your posts really hard to read!

        Last edit: GabF 2014-01-13
        • Loreia2

          Loreia2 - 2014-01-13

          Hi GabF,

          I find Guy's posts much easier to read than most other posts here. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
          And the passage directed at Predelnik is clearly written in the wrong thread, so we can safely ignore it.

          Regarding your original question, I can say this much. There is just one guy running this whole show for last ten years. Others help with stuff, but generally one person is carrying most of the tasks from programming to writing release announcements, from solving bugs to answering e-mails.

          Better release management (and especially better bug tracker management) would certainly benefit the project, we just need a volunteer to do the job. Perhaps a script could parse commit messages looking for "RELEASE" tag?


        • THEVENOT Guy

          THEVENOT Guy - 2014-01-14

          Hi, GabF,

          Many thanks for your sincere comments ! Indeed, you're quite right about my previous post because I mixed four different subjects on the same post. It's not the right attitude :(( I was a bit lazy not to slice that damned post ! I apology to have offended you in any way :(

          To sum up :


          I must admit that, in my posts, I use many bold words, and underlined sentences. I never thought that this way of writing, could irritate some N++ readers. But, I think you're right because I certainly exaggerate the usage of these special forms, making reading more difficult.

          Moreover, these forms should be, preferably, reserved to really point out an important fact :-) So, as you can see, I tried to use very few bold or underlined forms, in this present post !!!


          When Andreas said, in his post :

          Users (other than Guy Thevenot) probably have a difficult time understanding the new features.

          I just answered him, that this opinion was a bit presumptuous and that, as anyone else, I may not understand, at once, the features of a new N++ version !


          Then, as I said, that I daily use Notepad++, I was thinking about an advertising, on French TV, where George Clooney speaks of the Nespresso coffee and says : "Nespresso, what else ?" So, I joked, saying, in the same way : Notepad++, what else ?

          Of course, I let my mind wandering a bit, and I agree that my thoughts were quite out of subject, in this technical post


          Oh, I forgot to say that I always write a copy of my posts, first, in a .txt file, with N++ ! So, I soon noticed that the name Clooney was a misspelled word and that the substitute words proposed were quite funny, according to the notoriety of Mr Clooney ! And, I still joked, calling Predelnik about that fact !

          But, I do agree, with you, that all that stuff shouldn't have been there ! Really sorry for disturbing N++ readers !


          Finally, at the end of my post, I asked Andreas about a true bug, concerning the jump to a highlighted style, which exists since many versions of N++. However, it's a specific case, not too important !

          Best Regards,


          P. S. :

          Indeed, the reading of this present post seems easier, without too many bold and underlined words. I'll try to remember it, in the future :-)

          Again, I apologize about making you confused, reading my previous post :(

          Last edit: THEVENOT Guy 2014-01-14
  • GabF

    GabF - 2014-01-09

    I see, I'm sorry I didn't notice the "Author:", I just saw that it was committed by donho.

    Thank you for the feature then, and goddamn to whoever put the commit message :D .

    I don't know how you manage them, but especially if they are even used directly for the release notes you (developers) should try to be as comprehensive as possible, I don't see any need to have them short enough to stay in a single line, a cluttered release note is a lot less problematic than not getting to know that a strongly needed feature has been implemented.
    There doesn't seem to be any limit on the part of svn, so you can give free rein to your writing skills.

    I know that some claim the code should be self-explainable, but unless you put the code in the release notes in this case you really have to deal with good comments (I personally think it's a good habit to write them even before the code).

    And it would be good if the tickets were managed too, how is possible that no one has ever been closed?
    The people who subscribe to them have a strong interest to know when they are dealt with, if my ticket had been closed I would have been told by e-mail and would have known instantly, even with the release notes mistake.

    Again, I don't know how you are organized, but there should be a better organization.

    Thank you again anyway for implementing the feature.

    Last edit: GabF 2014-01-09

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