Trejder - 2013-12-16


Is there any way to prevent Notepad++ from displaing spaces as first character of some lines? Can someone help me in identifying option or parameter responsible for that?

I noticed, that for certain languages (Javascript, Pascal, Resource files), if previous line hasn't enough place to accommodate space between words, that space is shifted to the beginning of following line. While for all other languages, space is always stick to end of line, no matter, whether there is a place for it or not.

I started as Stack Overflow question on this problem, but we wouldn't be able to solve it:

For as far as I can say, this should be something specific to Notepad++ itself, not to Scintilla. I've been using another Scintilla-based editor for past ten years and it hasn't got that problem. No matter, what language / lexer / styling has been selected, spaces never appeared in the beginning of any line and each and every line always started with a character by the left margin, never with a space.

Thank you in advance for any help here,