Trejder - 2013-12-18

(Gosh, what a buggy site, must write everything from scratch, damn!)

Hi Loreia,

No, my N++ doesn't seems to be broken (I hope so). I have manually reduced number of languages in "Language" menu, using configuration, to just those, that I'm using everyday.

I haven't got any problem with styles so far. Maybe because on above mentioned screenshot I have apppied Javascript lexer / language / styles to a normal text file, causes some problems with rendering, which lead you to a confusion, that my styles are broken.

I have renamed "plugins" in "C:\Users[user]\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++" folder into "plugins_renamed" and restarted Notepad++. Nothing around spaces in the beginning of lines has changed. I still see them in both custom, Markdown styling and in build-in Javascript styling. I'm sending you some examples (attachment), some screenshots and my config files.

Maybe I should send you my entire zipped N++ folder, including all files in "Program Files" folder and all the configuration in "%APPDATA" folder?