Notepad++ v5 RC

Don HO
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  • beholder

    beholder - 2008-06-27

    Caret blinking rate bug: it is impossible to set this thing to non-blinking. Or at least I don't know how to do it.

    You set it to blinkRate="2500", it blinks slowly. You set it to blinkRate="0" (by editing the config file), it blinks normally. You delete the property, it blinks normally. You move the caret preferences slider to the most-left, it blinks quickly.

    There is no way to set this to non-blinking. I suggest that when the caret blinking slider in preferences is moved to the most-left, then it would not blink.

    Thank you, all other bugs seem fixed, except inability to select filename only (without path) in the window title. I'll keep testing.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I do not use "Edit with Notepad++".
    I load the session file.
    And I tried what you said, but the syntax highlight still wrong.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      I have the the same problem with the PHP syntax highlighting. From what i observed, the php file that is open in the first tab looks fine. For the files opened in the next tabs, the syntax highlighting doesn't work as it should. Only the php begin and end tags (<?php, ?>) are highlighted.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I got the problem too. The first of several opened PHP files looks alright. In the following files the PHP code highlighting looks very strange. Most of the code is underlined with something that looks like blue barbed wire, some has got light blue background (as in the HTML doctype declaration), and some is not highlighted at all.

        The HTML parts seem to be alright... unless there is embedded PHP code inside the HTML tag (e.g. <input value="<?=$foo?>"></input>). Then the tag is not highlighted.

        • Harry

          Harry - 2008-06-29

          This will be fixed in 5.0 OR

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I am totally new to Notepad++. I am used to highlighting  a few words in Microsoft word and changing font, font size and color.  I can't seem to be able to do it.  It shows a new background color after fiddling a bit with styler configurator but it does not retain the change.
    At present I just want to use it to create a document with several bits of colored text in it and perhaps 2-3 fonts and sizes and retain the changes in the document created.

    Please help a novice.

    -- Novice User --

    • Dennis McCunney

      Dennis McCunney - 2008-06-28

      I think you misunderstand what Notepad++ is.

      Notepad++ is a text editor.  It's a bit like the Notepad editor in Windows, but with a *lot* more features.  It's intended for writing code in programming language.  you can't do what you want in Notepad, either.

      When you create a document in Word where you specify colors, fonts, and font sizes, you save it to a Word doc file.  The Doc file holds not only your text: it holds the metadata that tells word what colors, fonts, and font sizes are specified, and it displays them when you open the document again.  The metadata is interpreted by Word, but not normally displayed.  A Word document is a binary file, not a text file.

      Notepad++ is a text editor.  It creates and edits plain text files, which consist entirely of 7 bit ASCII characters.  It does not store metadata in the text defining how to display it.  Program code created in Notepad++ will be fed to a compiler to generate a program from it.  Compilers only use ASCII text.  The binary metadata characters something like Word puts into a document to control how it is displayed would make them barf.

      Notepad is capable of doing syntax highlighting and using color.  It's based on the Scintilla edit control, and Scintilla understands the syntax of a number of programming languages and can use color to highlight keywords and emphasize the program structure.  But this is done on the fly as Notepad++ displays the document, and requires that the file you are working on be in a language that Notepad++ understands.

      Notepad++ is the wrong tool for what you are trying to do.  You need something like Windows Wordpad or a similar Rich Text Format editor.

  • Leon Sorokin

    Leon Sorokin - 2008-06-28

    matching tag highlighting bug found:

    the background color that i select, is not the background color that gets used. actually it seems like the correct background color...just diffused, it's overlayed on top of the text as maybe a 50% opacity overlay, dimming out the text behind it, and the color ends up not matching.

    please fix before final release.


    • Harry

      Harry - 2008-06-28

      That is by design actually :).
      Highlighting makes use of Scintilla indicators which are always rendered with some transparency, which is indeed set to about 50%. 100% is not achievable since it would hide the text (they are drawn as the last thing, so over the background and over the text)

  • Leon Sorokin

    Leon Sorokin - 2008-06-29

    If it's by design, i don't think it's the best choice.

    Currently, matching brackets can be styled as needed, and their intended purpose is exactly the same as tag-matching. I realize that matching a tag is slightly different logic than brace matching, but they are both done in realtime, so their behavior and operation should be implemented identically. I'm confused how it's possible to avoid an overlay in the brace-matching behavior but not the tag-matching.

    if for some reason the overlay behavior cannot be changed, at least externalize the opacity/transparency setting so that it can be modified, i myself cant think of a scenario where i would ever want my text dimmed unless it was styled that way intentionally.

    Also if it's impossible to change this behavior, it becomes even more important to implement what i suggested above, which is optionally to highlight the tagname only, because in tags that carry a lot of attributes, the dimming hinders visibility significantly, making it impractical to have the matching feature enabled when editing tag attributes.


    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2008-06-30

      It'll be optional in OR.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Thanx for good software!

    Smart highlighting is the feature I waiting several years :)
    But it works some slow..
    Is it possible to make smart highlighting working only with text lines, which are displayed, not with all text? Looks like IDA works in this way and it's very fast, because visible areas are small.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes!! I really support this request. I'm new in Notepad++ and like the function, however I always work with 10-30 MB log files, that is hundreds of thousand lines. So the feature is really slow. If we can just enable the highlight only for the visible lines and keep updating as we are navigating across the files, I believe it will be very fast.

      Cheers //Edo

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have a shortcut to Notepad++ in Total Commander, which is set to open notepad++ in which ever directory TC is set to after completing the notepad++ file I select save and the notepad++ file is saved to that particular directory.
    This works perfectly with version 4.9.2 but after installation of version 5.0RC the save directory always reverts to c:\Program Files\Notepad++\ I have removed the start in directory from the start-up properties but it always reverts to c:\Program Files\Notepad++\


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    How can one change or remove the new tag highlighting??

    It makes things a little hard to read for me.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I just hope the new version reinstalls the whole Notepad++ properly and adds the new styler settings etc. to the old config files (where my modifications and custom settings are kept). Otherwise everyone will have to re-configure everything, when they want to have old settings and for example new styler options.

  • ydfeed

    ydfeed - 2008-06-30

    The "ASP Syntax Highlighting Bug" is still in version 5. I wouldn't mind the ASP bug if Notepad++ had ERB/rhtml syntax highlighting.

    ASP Syntax Highlighting Bug
    By: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody) - 2007-06-11 12:12 
    I just upgraded Notepad++. The latest version, unlike the older version I was using, has an ASP has a syntax highlighting bug concerning comments on the same line as an ending asp tag, such as: <%'Comment%>. The editor will treat the document like the ending asp tag was never there. 

    Support for Rails files -mix of html and ruby
    By: Greg Lorriman (lorriman) - 2008-01-19 15:53 
    Hi folks,

    I was wondering if support for rhtml files is planned?

    It is a mix of html and ruby, rather like php. It is basically html, and one embeds ruby with opening with <% or <%= and <%=h, and then closing with %> or -%>. The only restriction I know of is that if you start a comment (with #) one must close on the next line.

    I believe it is as simple as that. 

    All us Ruby on Rails developers would be very grateful. I use notepad++ even despite the lack of syntax highlighting.



    • Nobody/Anonymous

      As unfortunate as it is, these are Scintilla lexer issues and are beyond the scope of Notepad++ (atleast, imo).
      I suggest to go to the Scintilla project and see if you can report a bug there (or see if its actually already reported).


  • Jan Schreiber

    Jan Schreiber - 2008-06-30

    Some menu items seem to disappear from the File menu randomly. Example:

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Could you be a bit more specific? My file menu looks exactly like that one, and I miss nothing.
      If you are referring to the Recent file list, those options only appear if the list isnt actually empty.


      • Jan Schreiber

        Jan Schreiber - 2008-06-30

        There are at least three items that I would expect in the File menu, according to the latest English.xml file (and I've already seen them appear in the menu, but next time they don't show up):
        <Item id = "41015" name = "Save a Copy As..."/>
        <Item id = "41016" name = "Delete from Disk"/>
        <Item id = "41017" name = "Rename..."/>
        But sometimes they aren't there. Maybe this isn't a bug, and they are hidden on purpose, but I don't think so.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Looking good.  Please work on threading in the next version. Still find it a slow (ie. non-responsive) opening text files of 65MB or so.  Also the comment on the smart tag highlight only working in the "visible" area on the screen is an excellent idea (the way it should work).  Would be nice to see that implemented rather than disabling the feature if a file larger than 1.5MB is loaded.  Of course when a user scrolls up/down, the smart highlighting on the visible screen would update.

    Thanks for a great update!  N++ gets better with each release!


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