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Don HO
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  • Don HO

    Don HO - 2008-06-26

    Here's the v5 Release Candidate :

    One new feature that you html/xml guys will adore it : Tag match highlighting.
    Otherwise a lot of found bugs in v5 beta are fixed in this release.
    (see : )

    Sure you will still find bugs since the architecture of Notepad++ are modified partially in order to improve the performance.

    To make v5 OR more stable, please post your bug reports here.

    v5 OR will be available in one week.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      sweet jebus!!!!! tag highlighting at long last!!!!
      $20 donation officially earned.

      maybe in future versions, options to:
      - highlight just the tagnames rather than entire tags when cursor is inside the tagname only
      - highlight a tag's both matching angle brackets when cursor is just outside and adjacent eg: |< or >| or />|
      - highlight unmatched (unclosed) tags with a different style
      ...for ideal operation of this functionality, check out any SynWeb-based editors.

      if you get a chance, please add the ability to close the last unclosed tag by typing </


    • Leon Sorokin

      Leon Sorokin - 2008-06-27

      I posted this bug before, but maybe it was overlooked:

      i changed the stylers.xml and noticed that the hidden CR LF pairs (when displayed) obey the "default" styling for the active syntax, while tabs and spaces are always black....there simply is no way to change their color, and it's pretty much unusable with a dark background color like the one in "Ruby Blue" stylers.xml on the NP++ download page.

      ideally it would be great to be able to style "hidden characters" independent of the "default" syntax color, they are really way too intrusive and hard to distinguish from regular text.

      hope it's an easy fix, let me know if it's a scintilla bug, i'll file it in their/his bugtracker.


      p.s. - the donation from your page link went to "sourceforge" which is sort of generic, hope it gets to you.

      • Harry

        Harry - 2008-06-29

        Sorry I didnt see this message.

        Simple fix: completely update your stylers.xml. It misses the style settings for the whitespace symbols. If you want to ertains your old stylers settings, which I assume is the case here, open the new model file, look for
        WidgetStyle name="White space symbol"

        and copy it to your stylers.xml (in the correct location ofcourse). Restart and now they should be orange and configurable.

    • CodeNexus

      CodeNexus - 2008-06-27

      warning, potentially emotional and/or non logical statements may follow --->

      I would like to take a moment to thank anyone who has worked on this project to date.  Stand back and look at the amazing application you have created.  Get reinvigorated by the fact that you have made a real difference to many peoples lives and that the impact of what you do may be more than you expect.

      My personal heart-felt thank you goes to all who's contribution no matter how small or big have helped.  Keep up the good work.

      <--- end warning.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for this great work !

      Just to say that npp5rc crashes under wine 1.0.
      see :


      Hugues Leonardi

    • CodeNexus

      CodeNexus - 2008-06-27

      Now having said that there seems to be a problem with this RC on applying language styles.

      I seem to have problems with files with a name like foo.class.php.  I can fix it by changing the language to something other than php or html and then back to php.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I got the syntax highlight problems on PHP too.
        But I don't known whether it is caused by the file name or not. Some of the PHP files with this problem are named like "XXX_1.php", "XXX_2.php", etc.. But I cannot change it back to PHP highlight using the method mentioned by CodeNexus.
        And I load those file using "Load Session" function.

        • Don HO

          Don HO - 2008-06-27

          It seems that the v5 is running and you open your file by using Explorer context menu "Edit with Notepad++" entry.

          It happens because "Edit with Notepad++" entry point to your v4.9.2. It launches v4.9.2 and found a npp instance, so redirects to the running v5 instance.

          To remedy that, just copy v5 over to your v4.x.


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        What would be the easiest way to reproduce this behaviour? I tried making a new php file with the same name, add some tags in it and open it in notepad++, it was being highighted.
        Any steps I need to do specifically?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The Tag match highlighting seems sometimes highlight the wrong tag even the html structure is fine.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      A tiny thing: when you start NP++ directly (without doubleclicking on a textfile) there's a new document created like in previous versions (named "new1").

      But unlike in previous versions the titel of the NP++ window is now empty, also the correspondent taskbar button displays no text:

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Does this apply aswell if you extract the RC to a new folder and run it from there? I have been unable to reproduce this behaviour, thoguh it is a bug.


        • Nobody/Anonymous

          Thanks for the hint, really seems to be a bug dependent on a certain setting:
          I found that this happens when you uncheck "Settings" > "Misc" > "Remember the current session for next launch"

          • Harry

            Harry - 2008-06-29

            Ill see if I can get this fixed before 5.0 OR

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Would be nice if the Tag match highlighting color would be configurable, it's quite hard to see black text on a dark grey background

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        That means your stylers.xml hasnt been updated properly.
        if you have a custom stylers file, open the new one and in global styles find the one for tag matching, otherwsie jsut remove your stylers file and notepad++ will make a new one based of the model file.

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          This worked, thank you!

    • Magra

      Magra - 2008-06-27

      Hi Don,
      really great work, npp helps me every day!!

      One (little) problem:


      For /F "delims=; %%A IN (%Timer_PathFile_Korr%) DO (
          For /F %%a IN ("!AktProgramA!") DO (

      -- as "Normal Text" the braces highlighting is ok.

      -- as "Batch" the braces (in this special case) are not highlighted.
      many other cases do work.

    • Jan Schreiber

      Jan Schreiber - 2008-06-27

      The calltips work fine now with case-insensitive sorting in the XML file. But they appear at the very top of the screen for me, rather than near the cursor as expected. Otherwise, everything appears to work fine so far.

      • Jan Schreiber

        Jan Schreiber - 2008-06-27

        It looks like the position of the calltips is correct after I type a backspace.

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          Confirmed, I'll try to fix it before the next release.


    • sonicaaaa

      sonicaaaa - 2008-06-27


      i wanna report an undesired behavior with the in-line search hi-light feature.

      if you open a big file and make the error of asking to highlight a short string or even a single charachter, the gui freezes (in a very single thread feeling) until it finishes the user request...

      well, maybe i've requested it but i'd like to regain access to the gui ;)

      however thanks, with the improved startup speed i can definitely associate n++ to .txt



      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Notepad++ makes no use of any threading at all. There are plans to add this but that takes quite a lot of work and time :).

        Smart highlighting gets automatically disabled for files larger than 1.5MB, though for complex data a lower value might be needed.
        You can disable smart highlighting and use the incremental search or mark search results features instead.


    • Jan Schreiber

      Jan Schreiber - 2008-06-27

      If someone could point me to the most recent version of the language xml file for English, I think I can update the German translation before the OR of 5.0.

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