v3.9 official release

Don HO
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  • Don HO

    Don HO - 2006-10-04

    Notepad++ v3.9 is available here :

    This release *steals* some nice featurs of Opera :
    The close button on each tab and the document switcher (Ctrl+Tab or Mouse Right Click + Mouse Wheel).
    There're so many demands for the close button on each tab, so I did it. Whereas the document switcher, it's cool and I like it.

    I worked hard to have these 2 features (and thank a lot to Jens for his help), so enjoy them and don't complain if there's any bug :)

    Here're v3.9 new features and fixed bugs (from v3.8) :

    1.  Remember the bookmarks, zoom level and visibilities of white space/EOL characters in each saved session.
    2.  Add the capacity to clear read only attribute.
    3.  Fix the reload bug for read-only file.
    4.  Add the capacity to write the files which have the system attribute.
    5.  Backup file on each save (optional : verbose mode & normal mode).
    6.  Add the close button for each tab like Opera (optional).
    7.  Add double click on tab to close document feature (optional).
    8.  Add word completion (Alt+Space) feature.
    9.  Fix the line number margin display bug.
    10. Add Opera style task list tab switcher (Ctrl+Tab or Mouse Right Click + Mouse Wheel). 11. Add Ada, Caml, AutoIt, KixTart, Matlab, Verilog language support.
    12. Add TeX folding support.
    13. Maitaining of identation is now optional (On by default);


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Really good :)

      But I hoped that there would be the memorizing of the save directory of last file saved (or a default save directory customizable).

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Very nice new features Don, congratulations for you and the developer team.

      Just a note: it seems that I can't remove the newly added languages from the "Language Menu".
      (I installed over 3.8)

      Best regards.

      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2006-10-30

        It's a bug, will be fixed in the next release.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      And it seems there has a bug in "open dialog" with specials characters (like "é" or "à") in folder's names. ;)

      (Sorry for my english, i'm french)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Nice updates. Thank you for working so hard on this.

      Any idea when the explorer plugin might be updated with things like docking functionality, directory/file split view, etc.?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Docking comes up with next version. And I hope that there will be also a new version of explorer plugin available.

      Best Regards

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It's really an excelent text editor. But sometimes I have to work with Cobol, Clipper and Fox Pro. It would be nice have theses languages' support.


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I would also very interested of having a Clipper support. Do you think it will be supported in the next version ? Or do you have an other text editor which supports this language ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      In the Preferences->Global tab, the "n" is missing from the "Maitain Indentation" ("Maintain")

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Great Work!

      yet 2 small bugs got away:
      1. It seems that the new languages does not exist yet on any configuration menu beside the style configurator

      2. Read only files may be opened as "read only" (as in Edit -> Set Read Only)

      And 2 development requests:

      1. It will be great to have a learning completion tool (for declared variables and not just language words).

      2. It will be great to have an optional search toolbar for ongoing search tool (as in firefox "/" shortcut) which will not hide the document.



      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2006-10-10

        > 2. Read only files may be opened as "read only" (as in Edit -> Set Read Only)

        It's rather a feature request than a bug.

        > 1. It will be great to have a learning completion tool (for declared variables and not just language words).

        Alt+Space for v3.9

        > 2. It will be great to have an optional search toolbar for ongoing search tool (as in firefox "/" shortcut) which will not hide the document.



        • pshute

          pshute - 2006-10-12

          >> 2. It will be great to have an optional search toolbar for ongoing search tool (as in firefox "/" shortcut) which will not hide the document. 


          I like this, but it would be nice to have shortcuts for the Find Next and Find Previous buttons.  Are there any, or can I assign some somehow?

          • Nobody/Anonymous

            It would be great if there was a way to actually dock this find bar/shortcut or put an icon at the top to bring it up. or both. i use it all the time and would love to have it not cover anything up.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      my features request,

      I think Notepad++ is the Best :-) for edit
      but what a poor printing services!
      notepad is better.
      When the dev team think to have time to have a look on this ?

      Thanks for the time i save using notepad++

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Nice work!

      I once was a jEdit user, but I switched to Notepad++ several days ago. The biggest problem with jEdit is it eats SO MUCH memory. Now with Notepad++, it's so much better.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thank you Donho and the rest of the team for this soft!!!

      Only one proposal: Donho, please comment line 443 (//setWorkingDir(NULL);) in Notepad_plus.h

      it will prevent last opened file directory lost, when saving a new doc.

      P.S: I just recompiled npp without this line and now it offers to save the file in last dir!

      Best Regards

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Yes, please let N++ remember the last folder.
        Every folder is better than Npp install folder.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Can't remove ADA, AutoIt etc from language menu.
      Program is still slow enough compared to other editors.
      Hope this'll be fixed soon.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      "Is this problem mostly affecting those starting it by file association? (I never do that.)"

      I think "yes", becouse I always open it by file association, BUT every normal soft (npp is normal soft) should work properly, not depending on the way how it was launched.

      So, Everebody, who wants the recompiled version of npp (see my post up) - write down your emails and I will send OR download it from here:

      P.S: Pleasy Dohn or somebody, if I break the laws, publishing it on my web-site - let me now here or on email (dzuchara@mail.ru) - I will remove it IMMEDIATLY!

      Luck to everebody

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Everybody's got their favorite text editor; my brother recommended Notepad 2, a friend UltraEdit32, but NPP is really the best.  It's the litest, most functional, and COOLEST of them all, so thank you so much!

      I'd just to second the support for docking explorer, and make a few other suggestions:  When I first discovered NPP, I didn't know it had the close each tab button, so I think that option should be turned on by default -- it is quite popular, after all.  Secondly, I'm working with Visual Studio 2005 right now, and I've discovered I really like it's cut-n-paste functionality.  If I hit Cut or Copy without any text selected, it cuts or copies the line my cursor is on.  When you paste a line, it pastes it above whatever line the cursor is on.  Also, if you hit Ctrl+Enter, it adds a blank line (properly indented) and moves the line that previously held the cursor and everything beneath down one.  It's a very small feature, and I doubt people will clamor for it like they did the X on each tab, but I find the abovementioned quite useful, and I hate giving up (or going without) useful functionality that I've become accustomed to.


      • pshute

        pshute - 2006-10-31

        Personally, I don't like having close buttons on each tab.  I'm happy with one on the right, and I've just worked out how to make Firefox 2.0 like that again.

        As for the other requests, perhaps you should try writing recording macros for them.  I vaguely recall someone complaining that it was difficult to write a reliable macro to select an entire line because of the behaviour of the home key when there's indentation.  I think someone came up with a solution, so you might want to research that here before trying to work it out yourself.

        Note that control+L not only deletes the current line, but also saves it in the clipboard.  That may be useful to you.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I am sorry. But in my version of Notepad CTRL+L deletes the line without copying to clipboard.

      Best Regards

      • pshute

        pshute - 2006-10-31

        In mine (v3.9), ctrl+L=cut line.  This is line 98 in the shortcut mapper.  Line 99 is ctrl+shift+L=delete line.  Could you have modified yours?  I'm pretty sure I haven't modified mine.

        I also notice there that ctrl+shift+t=copy line, which may be more useful to the original poster than ctrl+L.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      There is a BUG in the new tab browsing feature.

      If you change the hotkeys for switching documents (like I use the windows default CTRL+PGUP and CTRL+PGDN for changing tabs) you can only switch one document at a time. Then you have to release the keys and press them again if you want to move for example two tabs to the side.

      Otherwise - thanks for a great program! :)

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