Why does Notepad++ bottom scrollbar not work?

  • Mateo1041

    Mateo1041 - 2007-06-22

    I've been using Notepad++ for a while now and the one thing that's always frustrated me is the bottom scrollbar.  It seems that half the time it goes way beyond the document's right-most boundaries.  Then when I try dragging the bottom scroll bar box, it's so small and I can barely slide it over without it jumping forward a mile.

    Is there a way to fix this so that the bottom scroll bar works properly and only goes to the end of the longest code line?  It would sure be appreciated.

    - Matt

    • Mateo1041

      Mateo1041 - 2007-06-29

      Per the link above:

      "Hmm, it's a bug in Notepad++ but not in Scintilla.
      I'll see what I can do for it. - Don"

      Thanks so much!!!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The issue with long lines is, afaik, a scintilla issue, so...

    • seanhess

      seanhess - 2007-06-26

      Use the key commands when you get past the end of the buffer.  Control + -> will take you one work to the right.

      You can always hit end on your keyboard too.

    • Mateo1041

      Mateo1041 - 2007-06-27

      Thanks for your replies.  So there is no way to modify the underlying Scintilla code to fix this?  :-(

      I truly do appreciate Notepad++ and all the work that is put into it.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      (I think) Scintilla is open source. Is it possible for Don (or someone else who's capable) to edit the Scintilla source in order to fix the issue? Maybe the modified source could then be suggested to be included in future releases of Scintilla?

      Those are my thoughts so far.

    • Mateo1041

      Mateo1041 - 2007-06-28

      I submitted this as a bug on the Scintilla SourceForge.net bug tracker.  I'm not quite sure what else to do.