I want to add winhlp32.exe to the user defined commands, so that I can retrieve API references.
Winhlp32.exe needs the -k$(CURRENT_WORD) parameter. However, winhlp32.exe has a strange behavior for -k parameter: it will consume one space char following it. Thus there must be at lease two space chars after -k$(CURRENT_WORD).
Unfortuanately, NP++ will merge multiple space chars to single. For example, to read API help for memcpy, we need to execute:

winhlp32.exe -kmemcpy   -x win32api.hlp

But np++ will always merge space chars between -kmemcpy and -x.

Tow possible solution:

1. preserve the original format of the command line and do not merge the space chars.
2. add a new macro $(SPACE) for command line.