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  • shortycool

    shortycool - 2009-07-31

    Aloha!  I'm relatively new to NPP, but it is quickly becoming my text editor of choice.  I have tried several others and the only other I use is Textpad. 

    I have some feature requests, and if Admin feels it appropriate you may relocate this thread.

    First, if this doesn't already exist -- Oops it does.  Anyway. 

    Second, the one reason I haven't given TextPad up is block editing.  If you incorporated that feature I would say NPP is superior to every text editor I've used.  I NEED to have a program with that capability.  

    And third, a feature from an ancient editor which I have not seen for years is the option to have the current line remain in the center of the screen, horizontally, and for the up and down keys to move the visible document relative to it.  Viewing files this way can be very advantageous.  Not the only way of viewing, but that you could toggle, preferably.

    Thanks for your time, and I am really enjoying this program. 

    • cchris

      cchris - 2009-07-31

      For #3, use Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down instead of Up and Down to scroll rather than move current line. You can always remap SCI_LINESCROLLUP and SCI_LINESCROLLDOWN to anything of your choice from Preferences -> Shortcut mapper -> Scintilla commands (Windows logo key isn't supported as a shift). Centering the current line in the middle of the display is not implemented though - but is it really needed if you can scroll? It would be a very small plugin to develop anyway. You can use and map SCI_STUTTEREDPAGEUP and SCI_STUTTEREDPAGEDOWN Scintilla commands to send the current line at the top/bottom of display.

      For #1, if you are referring to the pizza delivery button, there is an ongoing feasibility study, but tests take time :-)


      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2009-07-31

        > For #1, if you are referring to the pizza delivery button, there is an ongoing feasibility study,
        > but tests take time :-)

        This feature needs a lot of coding effort, therefore it won't be implemented.


    • Adam

      Adam - 2009-07-31

      For pt #2 I believe that column editing will fit your needs.  Hold down alt+shift to select a column and you can edit at will.  TextFX also provides some amazing column editing features.


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