Feature Request: Unlock readonly files

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'd like to request a feature that will allow me to unlock the readonly state of the editor even if the file which it refers to is read-only in the file system. However, this should not automatically remove the read-only flag in the file-system - only when it is saved.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I think there was another thread on this.

      IIRC, Save-As makes the file r/w, as it should.

      Open of read only file should NOT be able to save-over a read only file!!
      Users could rightly complain that was flawed.


      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2006-08-06

        In the v3.9 (next release) user will be able to clear ready only flag (unlock read only file).


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Don, will users also be able to open-as-read-only
      at the File.Load menu ?
      You have Edit.SetReadOnly, but it's nicer to do that at File Load time ?